If you rub the lamp, you get the genie!

That’s right, you polish that lamp! Don’t stop until all the genie is out.

Gonna grant you a single wish for that. Whaddaya want?

I want the ability to understand any spoken dialect or written language.

I want ten more wishes.

I wish for another genie who will grant all my wishes. My first wish for that genie is that he grant all my wishes with my, and my family and friends’, best interests in mind. None of this “I wish for riches and he drops a ton of gold on my head” stuff.


As long as some wish very early in the process is “make me understand what my best interests are and why”, then I think you might be covered. :slight_smile:

I wish that the lamp never existed.

Alakazam The ability is yours! Which would you like to study first?

Wish away, Sadiki. I will hear all ten! But only because you wished me to. :wink:

Kalakazoo Very wise! I contacted my brother-in-law, Jorge, and let him know of your desire. He has agreed to grant your wishes … just as soon as you have summoned him.

[nervously] Erm…which lamp is that then?


I was going to say, to from now on to intuitively know the exact right thing to do to achieve the best possible outcome. I don’t need to know why I’m doing it, or what the outcome would be; I just do the right thing automatically without thinking it. So I’d just automatically change lanes to avoid the accident, I’d never get lost unless I end up somewhere better or avoid something bad as a result, I’d never say the wrong thing ever, and I’d win just the right amount of powerball lotteries for everything to be awesome.

I was going to say that. But then I say Moriarty’s post and realized that the real answer is indeed telekinesis. And not namby-pamby telekinesis either; I wanna juggle cars.

(Maybe I should have wished for two more wishes first.)

I wish I could trade that lamp for a monkey’s paw.

I’m not very good at this.

That no matter how messy my house got during the day, every day I would wake up to a clean house. Toys put away, dishes washed and put away, laundry done, no dust bunnies… ever!

I wish for an annotation-type translation of the Voynich Manuscript, complete with inset drawings of what the plants were really supposed to look like. In a 3-ring binder, for preference.

Polish the Lamp

Is that what it’s called these days?

I wanna see the alternate ending to “Big”.

I wish every world leader and politician I don’t like to resign on the same day with no explanation.

Probably won’t make the world any better, but the news sure would be interesting to watch.

I’d wish for all of my bills to be paid and have enough money not to have to worry anymore.

My husband and I were co-signers on our sin’s student loans. He was diagnosed with cancer a month after college graduation and died 2-1/2 years later. We have to pay for those loans. Just one more crappy thing to have to stress about.

I want my memory back. Seriously, if I don’t write it down immediately, it’s gone. I’m only 64 - I shouldn’t be losing it already!!

<rub rub rub rub>

I want cats who can talk to me and we could have fine conversations about deep thoughts and issues. Or I want a pet crow, if I cant get talking cats. I’m easy to please.:wink:

Talking cats? ::shudder:: most cats are bastards at heart. Sociopaths at best.

Worst pick-up line, ever!