If you could have three wishes, what would they be?

This is inspired by the Dragon Bean (?) Tony was given at the beginning of The 10th Kingdom. He got his 6 wishes and only one was not a disaster.

I started thinking about what I would want- first it was that I wanted my kitchen/dining room remodel done and beautiful- but then I moved on to World Peace, Freshwater for everyone, and a stable world climate.

My 5 yo wishes that my late cat Raleigh was alive, no wars, and that she had my sewing mannikan…

  1. a big, fully furnished, perfect house, in a great neighbor hood. Fully paid off and no untility bills to worry about.

  2. An orgasm with every sexual episode.

  3. a svelte figure that lokked good in those little halter tops withthe strings on the back.

If I could have three wishes, I wouldn’t. If I was forced to have three wishes, I don’t know what I’d ask for, but I’d be darn careful about them. Play a little D&D, or read a little fantasy or mythology, or talk with someone who has, and you begin to appreciate why.

  1. The girlfriend I’m meant to marry.

  2. A more thorough understanding of the first ten years of my life.

  3. Spring semester of frosh year of college back, so I could un-fuck it up.

I’d wish for:

  1. A Platinum Visa card that payed itself off every month.

  2. World tolerance for all religions and sexual preferences(except for pedophelia and necrophelia).

  3. My dream home with furnishings and a computer room that is completely paid for, property taxes are automatically taken care of, and all the utilities pay themselves.

Hastur, just marry Bill Gates or Steve Jobs/Wosniak and you’re set for life!

Or, you could always marry Rick Rockwell . . .

  1. A cozy little house with a big backyard and a porch swing.

  2. To never stagnate emotionally or intellectually.

I’ll save the third for when I need it. :slight_smile:

  1. A book filled with every statement about myself, my life, and the world, that I want, have wanted, or would want to be true, with the time and ability for me to go through the entire book and void any entry that I disagreed with or no longer wished.

  2. That every statement in this book were, in fact, entirely and completely true, with no unexpected consequences, setbacks, or surprises on my part or the part of any related parties.

  3. Really, there’s no need for three using this method. Free the D’Jinn or Genie using this last wish.

Let’s say this methodology is illegal. Okay, I have a backup triumvirate.

  1. That I had the same and entire powers of Superman, the entire Legion of Superheroes, and all the X-Men, and can be controlled willfully, completely, knowledgeably, and conciously.

  2. That I had a leather-bound tome that told me, at any given moment, the complete and exact methods and actions necessary to facilitate whatever my desired outcome may be.

  3. That I would have such a proliferation of money that I would never be at a want or need, yet not to be grubbed, harrassed, or bothered by anyone about it, including questions by any and everyone, including family, friends, and the United States Government, the origins of the money, and that said money would be accessible at any time, in any form, to myself, or parties willfully, and knowingly appointed or allowed by me, with such rights to be revoked from said party at any given time, moment, or place, with no explaination necessary or given.

Yes, I’ve overthought this waaaay too much. But the first effectively grants you an innumerate amount of wishes. And if you ever regret a wish? Why, good thing “Tim can travel back and forth through time and manipulate it at will with no unexpected, unneccessary, or unknown side-effects,” was in that book. You can go back in time before the second wish was granted and add, delete, or edit the offending entry. HA! And the second? Why, those three are just damned cool and well thought out.

If anyone has questions, comments, or revisions to these, please, feel free to post them. I really need to iron out any problems or errors in case I ever come to this point in real life. :smiley:


I wouldn’t marry for money, thanks.

#1 I wish the djinni/monkey’s paw/DM to not attempt to twist any wish I make into anything that I wouldn’t really want.

#2 I wish for the ability to work any magic I have ever read about, in any form of printed matter, without side effects or recourse to study or material components.
(This can get me immortality, eternal youth, money, and unlimited wishes. I’ve read a lot!

#3 I wish the djinni free/monkey’s paw destroyed/DM to start a Star Frontiers campaign instead–I don’t need 'em anymore.

  1. That the world be without insecurities and dishonesty forevermore

  2. That people were more worried about other’s than themselves

  3. That no-one (including djinnis) be subject to slavery, oppression or racism

1) I wish that I would know all the consequences of anyything I wished for, before wishing, after making my #1 initial wish.

2) I wish, that I could wish for more wishes.

3) I wish that I can undo anything in my life that does not satisfy me or inadvertently causes me harm. (this one is especially handy if one has a rotten day and says something in the heat of the moment like, “I wish I were dead” In any instance like this, it would be like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Oops, I died. Wake up and start over but remember everything.

IMHO, I have a feeling that my first wish would probably erase any need/desire for further wishing, beyond number one, as I would already know the outcome before I made any other wishes.

  1. Be as smart as Cecil

  2. Find a nice straightdoper in Austin

  3. Oh, the first two would be enough (as long as number 2 was female)

  1. I wish for a working pancreas.

  2. I wish to have my hairline back to where it was 15 yrs ago.

  3. I wish that the one that got away would come back.

Health, Wealth, and Love.

  1. Bring my parents back

  2. Health and happiness to my family and friends

  3. To just live life as a happy and kind person

1… To have one more day with my husband.
2… To be able to tell my daughter that her dad will be home soon.
3… To tell everyone who is dear to me, how much you truly mean. You never know when it’ll be the last time you have to say it…

I would wish for:

1.) My back to be healthy so I could run and jump and enjoy life a lot more.

2.) Not unlimited money, but an end to money worries.

3.) An eternity with my husband so we’ll never have to know what life without each other is like.

Y’know, I had it all planned out what I was going to wish for in fine detail, and then it hit me. All I need is one:

To be Q.

After that, it’s smooth sailing…

  1. For my sister to be cured and not die.

  2. To own my favorite house on Brattle Street in Cambridge.

  3. To lose some weight and then never put it on again!