If you sleep in your shirt will the wrinkles be gone by morning?

I hope so. I have a really important client to go to tommorow and all of my laundry is dirty, the stores are closed, my iron is broken, and the quarters got jammed in the dryer. I guess only time will tell.


no way, the wrinkles will be way worse.

If you have no Iron available, put your shirt on a Hanger and hang it in your bathroom and take a long, hot shower with the exhaust fan off. Most of the wrinkles will be gone.
Sleeping in a shirt makes it look like “What did you do sleep in that Shirt” wrinkled.

Jim {BTW: this is a trick my wife taught me}

dude, you must be Martin Short in “pure luck”

But it’s so hard to breath in all that steam!

mrald spooked me so i went and soaked it in water and put it over the fan…I guess I was sort of on the right track.

Another vote for steaming it in the bathroom. Works a treat! If you can’t stand the steam, just leave the shirt in bathroom. There’s no rule that you have to be in the shower while it runs.

Spray with water and throw in the dryer, or Febreeze works to wet it down and freshen it up then dry, works like a charm.

Don’t be afraid to give it some gentle tugs while it’s drying, either.

I’ve also put in under my mattress while I sleep to press it, but do not sleep in it. It will be much much worse.

Keep a spray bottle for water handy. A light spray of warm water will handle most wrinkles and creases.