If you stretch tendons, do they shrink back over time?

I’ve given my guy a lot of good backrubs and let my fingers get bent back when pressing hard.

Now sometimes my fingers get bent back while doing whatever, and my finger-muscles won’t pull them back to a normal forward curve again. I have to bend them back to normal with my other hand, or by pushing the backs of the tips against something.

The mechanism seems to be that the muscles in the front of the finger at the base pull on tendons that pull the outermost joint forward.

Will they get normal over time if I don’t continue to stretch them?

PS, I’m going to keep right on giving him the backrubs but just hold my fingertips in a curve even when pressing hard, so they don’t keep on getting stretched, if that’s the problem.

They should. The body’s pretty adaptive… you only do a certain range of motion, the body adapts to that.

I’m sure they will tighten up, but that would take time, and probably the immobilization of them for a while…