Mundane accomplishment, I can fold up my legs again

So for the past year I had such muscle strain from not stretching/working in office job, that I had long physical therapy. My arm was so bad I could barely lift it up to turn the radio knob on my car radio. And Could barely fold up my legs where the Physical Therapist said my periformis muscles were so strained. After 11 months I final can sit cross legged again. Whew

That’s not so mundane. Congrats!! I’m am a former dancer. I do stretching everyday to keep limber. I am aging and I’m determined not to be stiff and tight in my elder years. I’m definitely not graceful anymore but I can still bend over and put my hands flat on the floor with my feet in 5th position and no bent knees. :slight_smile:

After I snapped off my wrist bone, I could not bend the fingers on that hand at all. Two years later, when I could finally flip the bird with both hands, I was so happy.

If you snapped off the wrist bone how would you even have a second hand and set of fingers with which to flip the bird? Did you keep the snapped off hand in a jar for two years?

I didn’t snap off my hand, just the wrist bone. It wasn’t outside my arm, just about three inches higher than it should have been. Snapped right off the two bones it holds in place, and really messed up my fingers’ tendons.