Dislocted Fingers?

Anyone here every dislocate their fingers? With open wounds?

I did this about 8 weeks ago. Ring and middle finger, with open wounds on both. Oh, and I had ligaments sticking out of both. Wounds were stiched up and healed fine. But am having problems with fingers bending. They are very stiff and hurt when trying to work with them to bend them.

Am wondering how long it took (if anyone has had similair experience) for them to work normally again, if ever?

Dr. thought by me getting back to work they would get better faster, but they haven’t and seem to just swell up more and be even stiffer.

IANAD, and this forum is not the place to seek medical advice. You need to seek the advice of a specialist who will help get your hand function back. If your current doctor blows you off, get a second opinion from someone who recognizes that this is your hand, you need it to function as close to perfectly as possible, and they need to give you some sort of plan (physical therapy, exercises, etc.) for getting back to (near) normal.

ETA: You should be seeing someone who can give you an estimate for return to normal activities, i.e., someone who sees this sort of thing regularly.

**horsetech **is correct, and this thread is likely to be closed. However, I will just say that I had finger surgery once (not like yours) and my doctor told me that finger injuries typically take a very long time to heal. Eight weeks isn’t that long. It was months before all the swelling was down and I felt normal again, though longer than that before the nerve sensations were as good as new.

My recommendation is, if you have good health insurance, to see an orthopedist who specializes in hands.

I have had 2 dislocations as described in the OP. They never bend (fully) ever again. You can keep bending and bending to get as much range of motion back as you can though.
Ask your doctor and/or physical therapists when you can start that though.

You are going to have to do therapy. I had to when I had surgery on my left pinky.