Ouch, finger hurts, is this normal or will it drop off?

So, I’m a right wimp, I fully realise this, so bear with me. I’m looking for advice on a cut finger.

About a month ago I cut my finger baaad - carving a joint of meat with my super sharp knife, I managed to slice deeply into the knuckle on my left middle finger. Lots of blood, big gaping wound, no tears (brave). If I’d thought harder about it, I might’ve considered going to get a couple of stitches at the hospital, but it seemed such a stupid thing to go to the ER about, so I just wrapped it up and left it to heal.

It took quite a few days for the hole to heal up (kept bashing it, which is a subject for another thread - 'Why, when you’ve got an injury, does said injury attract itself to all inanimate objects?).

Anyway… the cut has healed cleanly but my knuckle has been left with a raised lump, which looks red and still throbs and hurts to touch, and hurts when I bend my finger. Is it just still healing on the inside or could I have an infection?

Seems daft to take a trip to the doctor to inspect my tiny pink knuckle, I just wanted to check in and see if anyone thinks it might need inspecting. Or just tell me I’m being a wimp.

There are several hundred things it could be and all but maybe one are bad. Go to the doctor or at least a “Med-First” primary care type place. I believe some WalMarts have nurses on duty to examine things like that now.

An anonymous message board is not a good place to seek advice for a potentially serious medical problem. Please consult a medical professional.

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