It's not a cyst

I keep banging my hand on the same part of my knuckle. At first it was swelling a little, but then it became harder. I thought, “Good, I’ve developed a protective Ganglion cyst.” I was all excited about that - as you can imagine, but it turns out that it appears to be just really hard swelling. I haven’t been to work for a few days (vacation!), so it’s become a little harder and localized.

Last year I cut that same part of my knuckle pretty deep, all the way down to the cottage cheese part of the dermis. I nearly passed out. The funny part is is that I was working on a crashed bike; so I was walking down the street with this crashed bike that I had been working on but then I had to lie down on the grassy part of the sidewalk because I was about to pass out. People kept coming up to me for the obvious reason, person on the road with a mangled bike, “Must have been hit by a car!!” But no. I had just cut myself working on this previously crashed bike. The cut healed without almost no visible scarring.

I will keep everyone updated as matters progress.

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Oh, thanks. That’s where I had meant to post it - if this thread isn’t mundane and pointless, then I don’t know what is!:slight_smile:

I sewed through my fingernail and the tip of my finger with the sewing machine the other day. The hole is growing out.

That is all!

Ouch! How did you even manage to get your finger under the foot?!

Well, it was a 1/4-inch foot and my finger kind of went between the sides (above the foot) just enough for the needle to catch it in flight.

I trimmed my nails this morning and the hole is gone. :slight_smile:

That sounds painful. It kind of reminds me of the time I got my thumb got stuck inside a fixed gear bicycle. The cog went right through the thumb nail. That was painful; it kind of shattered the nail as well as putting a hole in it. I almost passed out that time too, but I just laid down for a bit then I was OK. I felt a little silly though, getting your hand caught in a fixed gear is a little bit of an idiot mistake. Ironically, a couple years later I was working at a shop with a guy who was missing half a thumb. After knowing him for a little while, I asked him how lost the end bit of his thumb - he lost it working on his fixed gear bike. Unfortunately, he was clocked out at the time so he couldn’t collect any sort of workman’s comp. At any rate, he, with his 1.5 thumbs was still a better mechanic than I was with all my digits in tact.

The moral of the story here is never clock out early or do any work when you’re not clocked in.

OP can you move your hand in the area of the injury? I’m wondering if you’ve cracked bone under there or have a partial dislocation. Might be worth having a professional check it out.

I’ll share my silly, yet disgusting, physical injury. Back when I did gymnastics, I was adjusting the vault prior to my run. It dropped on my hand, catching part of my palm and ripping the skin off. 30+ years later I have a thick scar. Felt like an idiot.

I read this is as “I keep banging my ***head ***on the same part of my knuckle.” and wondered, “Why not just stop doing that?”

This thread was right under the one about romance, so I saw

What is Romance?
It’s not a cyst

True, so true.

Romance makes your heart beat faster
It’s not asystole


Well, sometimes when you’re sitting there at home, alone, reading the straight dope, it’s the only way to find solace . . .:stuck_out_tongue:

Ewww, did it rip enough skin off to get to the cottage cheese part of the dermis?

I can move my hand in the area of the injury, and there’s no pain. My wife thinks its a callous, I had her touch it this afternoon. She’s not an expert though, so all possibilites are still possible. It seems like its one of three things now - a blister, a callus, or a cyst. I still haven’t ruled out the possibility of a cyst - my title is a little misleading.

I got down to red meat. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you in cyst.


This is too much. You are ordered to cease and decyst.

glad I am not the only one banging knuckles over and over. Swelling, pain…figured most of the pain is arthritis. Both hands. First two knuckles on both, worse on the left but I am left handed (only writing) but my mouse hand does have frequent problems too

Growing old sucks!

But…is it a “Tumah?”

It’s not a Tumah!!:mad: