If you use Facebook, how do you handle happy birthday wishes?

Today was my birthday and I had quite a few “Happy birthday” posts on my wall. Some people “like” each post. Others reply to each post. Some people even do both. I don’t do either. At the end of the day, I update my status and say thanks for all of the birthday wishes. It seems impersonal, and I guess it is but I don’t like filling up all my friends’ newsfeeds with a bunch of “Nars Glinley liked this” items.

What’s your strategy?

I ignore generic “Happy birthday!” posts. If they are clever or make a specific reference, or are otherwise unique, I will probably comment but definitely “like”.

I do what the OP does.

I “like” each post, then the next day I say a single “thanks for all the birthday wishes.” That way everyone’s effort has been acknowledged.

I treat them with disdain and ignore them. These fuckers are only telling me ‘Happy Birthday’ because their computer told them to.

Same here

I removed my birth date from my profile. Now no one wishes me a happy birthday. Perfect.

Same thing here, though I do get a couple of people who actually KNOW it’s my birthday who post well wishes. The more attentive Facebook friends notice and pile on. I thank people at the end of the day.

This, with some exceptions. If it is an older relative, I make a point of thanking them. If the wish is particularly funny or specific, then I try to reply.

Same. Like each one then a group “thanks” at the end of the day, maybe with some info on what I did to celebrate. Most of my friends do this too and it’s cool.

My approach to internet etiquette is to do what I would normally do when someone wishes at my actual living face, which is to reply to each one individually with a hearty thank you. It helps that my list of friends is terribly short, and the list of people who will bother to take the time to wish me a birthday because, as one poster put it, “their computer told them to” is ever shorter. So it doesn’t take as long as you’d think.

Same as OP. Yeah, it’s a bit impersonal, but so is posting happy birthday messages on Facebook. :stuck_out_tongue:

I send out a Happy Birthday on a person’s birthday and if they like it, I’ll use the first letter of their name and the last number of the day they liked it to add a peg into a game board of ‘Battleship’.

I must say I was rather crushed at recently losing my PT boat…

Happy Birthday!


and from me!

That’s why I hide my DoB on Facebook. :smiley:

I don’t ‘like’ or respond to any individually, but a day or so later I’ll do a group-thank post.