If you visited my house right now you'd be surprised to see...

… that the only thing in either of our freezers is three bottles of vodka. We rarely drink, but vodka was the only thing that survived our recent power outage. Why we have three bottles is a mystery.

What unusual-for-you thing would a visitor to your house see?

A gaudily painted Mexican Madonna statue. Madonna as in Jesus, not Madonna as in Sean Penn.

Neither Mr. Athena nor I are religious. I did, however, grow up Catholic, and a good friend and I used to giggle about the Madonna-in-a-Bathtubs that are common 'round here. When she was returning from Mexico about ten years ago, while waiting to go through customs there was a guy going from car to car, selling stuff. She spotted the Madonna and bought it for me.

I like it. It sits on my landing. But I’m sure more than a few people have wondered why Mr. Athena and I have a religious statue hanging around our house, since we’re both pretty rabidly anti-religion.

Guns all over the place and a basement full of ammo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fur balls from our dog the size of tumbleweeds.

Well, not really, but if feels that way.

The slightly odd combination of Native American crafts and sports memorabilia.

A rubberband ball bigger then a volley ball. I estimate it to have…wait, I’ll go weigh it.
:::runs to go get it:::

It weighs 11.4# on a scale that gives a different weight each time you step on it. I estimate it to have (can’t find the tilde)13,000 rubberbands on it.

A working Linotype and a letterpress. And a pair of shoes all silvery from where I spilled molten lead on them.

The only three things on the top of my small bookcase are a djembe drum from Senegal, a Qur’an and an iPhone.

I have 7 sets of metal chopsticks on the side of my microwave oven. I’m not Asian or living in Asia or have any decorative Asian items.

A whole lot of clothes that fit no-one in this house: two bags of ‘fat’ clothes that are due to go to a neighbour so I cannot grow back into them, one bag of baby clothes and various baby knits in progress. My Bestest Friend Since Childhood is about to become a Grandmother.

An almost complete absence of representational art. You’d think we had some Islamic it-is-sin-to-imitate-the-likeness-of-Allah’s-creations thing going. We don’t. But I can’t afford any paintings I like.

Nothing hanging on my walls.

In my living room, there is a country-style shelf supporting a stuffed moose wearing a scarf, a stuffed frog from a boardwalk game, and a plush Cthulu.

Grass 7 feet tall. No that’s not an exageration. One overgrown area where the firepit was has grass 7 feet tall.

I acquired a 5 foot display poster on poster board of Harry Potter for the Goblet of Fire 2006 Calendar. It sits in front of our fireplace. At either end of the mantel clock are small statues of the Argonath from Lord of the Rings.

My mother, by her fireplace, has a three foot high statute of a Roman soldier that once was the base to a lamp. He’s holding a spear my stepdad made for him so he wouldn’t be empty handed. It is probably incredibly tacky, but I want it.

Three cars parked in the yard and a closed garage door. If they like cats, they will get invited in and see that the former garage is now the cat suite.

A dog skull on top of a dresser in the front room you enter from the front door.

Most people keep dressers in their bedrooms.

my bedroom is literally under our stairs in a closet thing.:cool:

A giant bust in our hall