If you visited my house right now you'd be surprised to see...

If you visited my house right now you’d be surprised to see…me sitting on a red towel.

No doors on my closets.

The place didn’t come with them. The complex manager told me that they quickly became damaged and over the years, they were removed in all of the apartments.

what the heck? how are you supposed to hide skeletons in there?? :dubious:

9 cats. 9 flippin’ cats.

4 cats are our own personal pets.

1 cat is a rescue from our local feral colony, someone’s pet that was turned out, she has FeLV, so she’s segregated on our front porch. We’re hoping to get her healthy and placed in a nice one cat family.

4 other cats are an entire family of cats (3 adults and 1 kitten) that some animal lover dumped in the park across the street. They have the run of our basement. Once they’re fixed, we’re also hoping to get them placed in nice families.

Anybody want a cat?

Ooh. Can I change my answer? That’s pretty much what people say when they see Daniel the Terrible, what with his being a Maine Coon mix who’s just starting to go a bit tubby at 23lbs.

Me drinking a Bloody Mary. Most people (ok, my husband) would say that it’s too late in the day for one. I say it’s Tuesday evening and time for the cocktail that drinks like a meal.

A lifesize, solid wood mannequin named Seka wearing mardi gras beads and a Saw halloween mask.

The mannequin I got when I was in college in the late 80’s from a store that was going out of business. I attended Radford University in VA, and I heard that Seka (the 70’s porn star) was from the city of Radford.

I’ve kept her all these years, she is my BFF. My husband bought a Saw mask to wear last Halloween, and we really didn’t have a good place to store it, and it fits her perfectly… But pretty much just scares unsuspecting guests. :smiley:

[Irrelevant aside]: I had a mannequin in one of my apartments in college. Her name was Lois. She was actually property of the sublettor’s BF. We dressed her all summer in a variety of outfits, the best one being my student nursing uniform, complete with mask, gloves, IV bottle etc. [/IA]

I miss her, sometimes. :cool:

The arrangement of four photos of various disease processes as seen from the microscopic level. I’ve got human prolactinoma, horse chronic laminitis, canine mucopolysaccharidosis, and Balantidium coli in an SIV+ monkey. Come to think of it, this may qualify me to post in the nerd thread also.

With the spider webs…they make it dark enough for the bats to sleep.

A brightly coloured paddling pool in the living room with my two gorgeous babies Mulder and Scully playing in it! Guinea pig babies that is! You’d also see my giant colection of dvds - its amazing what you can fit in a small living room!