If You Want A Beat-down Administered, Do It Yourself

This has happened a couple of times in the past couple of weeks. So . . . Without picking on particular posters, I’d just like to register a mild complaint:

Guys, if you think the nimrod du jour needs his/her ass kicked up around his/her shoulders, lace up your jack boots and do it yourself. To drag someone into the Pit and then ask or tell others to do your work for you . . . IMO it’s weak. And it’s a transparent invitation to others to dog pile on your deserved target/hapless victim (take your pick), when you apparently can’t be bothered to administer the discipline you feel is deserved.

Personally, I loathe dogpiles. So I’d just like to remind people that here in the Pit, nobody ever needs an express invitation to join in and get a few kicks in; if people feel kicks are deserved, they’ll be right along to give them, under their own steam.

So. Not much of a rant, but there it is.


Yeah. Fuck you Jodi!
Stupid dogpile loather.

One more vote here for “do your own ass-kicking”.

Me too, Jodi.

I’m in the “Do your own ass-kicking” camp as well.

I wrote two separate OP’s about this very topic at various points, and deleted them both before taking the final click for reasons of excessive and unproductive snarling. Glad I did; this thread is a helluva lot more reasonable.

Hopefully the ixnay on the lets-you-and-him-fight game that Lynn alluded to in one of those recent threads will be a mod jackboot more firmly ground into the TM’s face from now on.

I agree with the OP, but for slightly different reasons. It’s false advertising. If I see a thread by PosterILike, calling out PosterIHate in the Pit, I’m expecting a rant from PosterILike. Instead, I find, “This person bothers me. Somebody do something to him,” I’m left feeling disappointed and cheated. Is there some sort of Better Business Bureau for Internet flame wars?

>> Without picking on particular posters, I’d just like to register a mild complaint

So you want others to name names and do the beating huh? :wink: