Is it a requirement to be obnoxious in the Pit?

I’ve seen some rough replies on some sensitive issues. Sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly where to post a new thread. If something is posted in the Pit that is a painful to a lot of people, are we obligated to be buttholes just because the subject is not painful to us? I am speaking of only those posts which are not about differing opinions, but about expressions of feelings.

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You guys are fucking cocksuckers, she asked a legitimate question.

No, it isn’t an obligation. Don’t be a lackwit, poopypants! It’s merely one of the many options open to the people who choose to enter the asbestosed world of the BBQ Pit.

Now, should I pants you or just give you a wet willie? :smiley:

The answer is obvious.

Until the entire nature of being and the Rules of the Pit change, or until the Members are able to police themselves effectively, the Pit is absolutely 100% not the place to put a sensitive thread. People will continually and persistently act like assholes, and troll the pain of others, with absolute impunity.

And I’m not griping about it - I’m just saying that’s the way it is, and the way that it is likely going to be. If you have a painful thread, and only want sympathy, then you should not post it here.

well, I don’t know. Folks have been awful nice to me here, and I hope tha tcontiues becacue I’d hate to have to cuss someone out. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll cuss someone to kingdom come if I have to, bklut I"d preeeefer not to. But I’ve just had ame a blast here in the pit. Never a dull moment. **Soe[?b] , hon, yuo go on an d be nice likc you want to be, and don’t pay folks no nevermind. Okay?

So who asked you, butthead!

I try to be nice to everyone here in the Pit (while secretly masterbating in a cup to throw on their cars…)

Well that’s because you got real big…

Personally, I always thought of the pit as MPSIMS for assholes…

Don’t come to the Pit if your feelings are easily hurt. Like Anthracite said.

Regardless, the answer to the question posed by the thread title is “NO.” Personally I find the practice of behaving rudely just ‘because this is the Pit’ to be childish and very irritating. The Pit is here to allow you to be insulting or obscene, but that doesn’t mean that it mandates that kind of behavior.

Actually, Zoe, the first time I started a Pit thread, I got so much sympathy and support it was what got me well and truly hooked on the SDMB. Still if it is sympathy you want, you’re probably better off in MPSIMS.


What everybody else said (well, except for the “fuck off cocksucker” part).

Posting a rant in the Pit is probably more of a crapshoot than posting a thread in any other forum, Zoe. You might get sympathy for your rant–or you might get your ass handed to you by someone who disagrees with your point of view.

It isn’t that the Pit is the only place for “complaints” as such–it’s that the Pit is the only place for “rants”. There’s a difference.

The key word is “rant”. The Pit is the place for ranting, raving, foaming-at-the-mouth bitching, pissing and moaning, and just generally getting down and getting ugly. This means that people feel free to be uglier to each other here than in other forums.

If you want to complain about something, but it’s kinda personal and sensitive, and you don’t feel a compelling need to holler “FUCK this shit” yourself, then by all means, post your thread in MPSIMS.

But if ya just wanna bitch, put it in the Pit.

Ma Ma…sucking sounds

Truth be told, I find the “my dog just died” sympathy threads tiresome and I avoid them.

I did post once in a “my cat just died”, but that was because my own cat had just died so it was, like, karma or something.

Anyhoo, whining for sympathy in the Pit is like calling for order at a British soccer match.

No one has to be obnoxious but they can be obnoxious, so they will be obnoxious. Or what everybody else has said.
I really just wanted to post because I saw this thread in the wee hours when no one else was around. It sat with no replies for hours and I resisted the urge to do what ** j_kat_251** did, though it was mighty hard and since I resisted one urge, I felt I could indulge in my other urge and make a post with lots of italics.

OHHHH SNAP! Did your mama teach you that comeback or did you have to go to comeback finishing school?

Oh yeah, well we had three die in one year. So fuck you, asshat.

[sub]just more satire (albeit factually true), move along[/sub]

Why, I declare. I don’t know whether to be shocked or laugh. j_kat_251 & Linear Crack, explain your meanings by these statements you’ve posted. Are y’all indicating that all this time you and other Doper fellas have been staring at my virtual boobs, rather than respecting me for my mind or even staring at my big, beautiful virtual eyes? If so, y’all ought to be ashamed of yourselves!