Is it a requirement to be obnoxious in the Pit?

We’ve got virtual boobs? And I wasn’t informed…?

As for the OP, beyond the Pit Rules (and there are rules here), how you behave in the Pit is your personal preference. I try not to post any differently here than anywhere else because I believe in self-monitoring; i.e, just because I can do something doesn’t mean I do. This is my preference, and certainly not everyone’s.

I guess some people find it necessary to see how foul their mouths can be, Zoe. As you can see from the replies to your question, all that’s needed to bring out the potty speech is a question like yours. Guess some want to see how much they can shock or distress someone. Maybe they get a big kick out of it, who knows. What comes out of the mouth shows what’s inside the person.

celestina, those are quotes from the elevator scene in Liar Liar with Jim Carrey.

Get with it, you turd.

In regards to the OP, no- but it certainly helps.


For me, it is not so much “a requirement” as a lifestyle.



Ah…Nope. Ah…Nope. H4E, have you heard of double entendre?

Back in the day when my wife was breastfeeding our children, that exact line would put me in the doghouse for a week… ah, many a night I spent on the couch because I would not, nay could not, keep my mouth shut :slight_smile:
when in Rome Fucking turds, all!