<Thread title deleted to protect the chronically offended>

OK, I really have something that I need to talk about. I have noticed a rash, of late, of folks that have been rather on the quick side to take offence to what strike me as for the most part innocent threads and/or posts. Never the less, something has really been bugging me of late and I really just need to rant about it.

In the interest of respecting the sensitivities of those folks, I have spent a great deal of time crafting my rant in such a way as to omit any possibility of offence. These are the fruits of my labor:

Surprise! There is nothing here. I suppose that the conclusion that you might reach is that it is impossible to avoid offending everyone. You might also conclude that, if this is true and if one can assume that you will never, ever, ever be cut any slack then the logical extension of that is that you should just quit trying.

It is also possible that one could conclude that this sort of endless picking and anklebiting does much more harm than good, as all that you really succeed in doing is annoying the hell out of people

Whew! I feel much better. I am so glad to get that out of my system.

Um. While I agree with you and all…and while it’s an excellent point…
Do you mind if I ask…

What brought this on? Any one specific, particular thread? Or is this just a buildup of overPCitis?

I would honestly have to say that this is a build up, more than anything. That is why I didn’t link to any one thread, as it really seems to be some widespread kick that some folks are on right now.

Aren’t you supposed to include a link to the thread you’re spoofing in BBQ Pit humor threads?

Unless, of course, you’re serious about getting pissed off that people are getting pissed off about stuff that doesn’t piss you off.

Well, that’s gonna piss some people off.

Doesn’t really look like a pardoy thread Ethilrist. Least not to me, being that IANAMod. I think it’s just commentary on recent trends, probably sparked by the brouhah over the ‘man-speak’ and ‘woman-speak’ joke threads.

I am not spoofing any one thread, so there is not link. What I am saying is that I have noticed that there seems to be a rash of tempests in teapots around here of late and that it is getting on my nerves. This is not a joke thread.

Well, apparently it strikes them differently.

And by “them” you mean “me”, right?

The irony… it burns…

Depends what is under discussion.

… and the goggles, they do nothing!

Simply could NOT resist.

Noooooooooooo! I previewed and everything. You just had to slip in there, didn’t ya, didn’t ya! Well fine, be that way matt.

Oh I know, it’s widespread! For instance, there’s a topic in the Pit from some guy who has his panties in a wad over attitudes in other Pit threads.

Oh, wait… nevermind.

Well, I’m offended that you posted the larger letters in the OP in white, instead of black. What are you, some kind of rascist?

(Do I have to note that I’m kidding?)

In all fairness, people do tend to overdo it a bit when it comes to being offended when no offence is intended. I quote my beloved Duckman:

Pfft! Shows what you know! When I post I don’t wear any pants, instead I sit and beat off to people who think that they are being witty.

The sane answer to this is “no”. What the current truth is remains to be seen.

Well, everyone needs a hobby.

Hope you’ve got a big bottle of lotion and some tissue, you’re bound to rub the skin right off the little fella around these parts starting with the white font masterpiece further up the page.

Be honest, you didn’t catch the white font until silenus said something.

Certainly. But comedy (offensive or inoffensive) always contains a proposition that it is advancing. From time to time, one objects to the proposition. Just because the proposition is advanced humorously does not make it immune to criticism.