If you were a child in the 90s, did the X-Files title music freak you the hell out?

I’ve been watching the X-Files on DVD lately so the show’s come up a few times in conversations with friends, and everyone I’ve talked to seems to agree that they found the theme music terrifying. We were a little too young to actually watch the show when it was on TV, but we all remember being afraid of the music, some to the point of running out of the room when it was on. I don’t remember any other music having the same effect on me. Anyone else have the same experience?

Well I *thought *I was a child in the 90s but I was old enough to watch the X-Files so I’m either too old for you or had awful parents. I was never afraid of the title music and now that you mention it I’ve always mildly disliked it. There were at least a few episodes that freaked me the hell out though, notably the one with the incestuous family. There’s a particular scene where they beat some local police to death that still freaks me out.

I was the child in the 70s. This title music freaked me out. And when I heard the X Files title music the first time, it reminded me very much of that.

While we’re waiting for the Children of the Nineties to wake up, let me mention my earliest media scare: the creaking door that introduced a radio show, Inner Sanctum. I can’t remember any of the stories, but that sound & the narrator’s scary voice convinced me that something bad was about to happen.

As a bigger kid, I knew that weirdness was afoot when I heardthis.

Quite full grown, this one still gives me a chill…

Child of the 70s and the Twilight Zone beginning scared me. I read about Brits of a certain age being scared of the beginning of Dr. Who. I wonder what scares kids these days?

The title music didn’t freak me out but that episode damn well did. Looking through the episode list it appears it was s04e02 “Home”. If it is that episode, IMDB says it was banned from Fox after the first airing.

The Peacock family. That episode is legendary.

I do recall being freaked out by the title music. It was when the music played that you had to decide: do I have it in me to watch an episode or should I just go and hide behind the covers right now.

Child of the 90’s. Yes, freaked me the hell out.

My son is a child of the 90s and he loved the X-files title music. I had a cassette tape, the name escapes me now, but it had the title song on it and he used to listen to it over and over…

The title music and visuals from Dr. Who used to freak him right the fuck out, he’d go hide in the closet in the other room when it came on.

Songs in the Key of X?

No, I thought it was cool. But one of my friends was so afraid, he literally could not handle someone even saying the word “files”.

I wasn’t one of the “popular” kids.

I was a child of the 70s and yes, the *X files *music was spooky but when I was a kid, it was the In Search of theme that really gave me the shivers (still does, a little :slight_smile: )

Yes, it did scare me; so did the Are You Afraid of the Dark “Midnight Society” theme.

Yeah, but in a good way. Like kind of a fun creepy way.

Maybe freak out isn’t the appropriate word, but it definitely left me unsettled. As I got older though, around the fourth season, I started watching it every Sunday with my dad and eventually became a huge X-files geek in junior high and early high school. Then the series went downhill.

Yes, definitely creepy. I could barely stand it.

I remember I was in 5th grade when The X-Files started. Friday nights were the best because my two favorite shows were on back to back, since the night began with The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. The X-Files theme terrified me as much as the Brisco theme delighted me.

The only music that I can remember scaring me was the theme to Unsolved Mysteries.


That’s funny, because I have the Dr. Who theme as my ringtone, and it never fails to freak people out. Not because they know it’s the theme to Dr. Who, just because it’s inherently scary to some people, I guess.

I was eleven when the X-Files started airing, and I was simultaneously enraptured by and freaked out by the show. I used to watch it by myself in my parent’s bedroom, under a blanket, literally shaking with fear. I think I was too old to be scared by just music; I was scared by the whole show.

When I was younger, I was scared by the theme music from Rescue 911. The show itself scared me, too, although I knew the stories would all have happy endings. Nobody was ever killed gruesomely on Rescue 911, just maimed.

Ha! This is what I came in here to post. It doesn’t help that I was (and still am) slightly terrified of composite and police sketches, and they showed those all the time. Of course, this was like, my mom’s favorite show, so I saw it all the time. I used to lay in bed with that theme music and those sketches floating around in my head. Didn’t make for pleasant sleeping.

I was a bit older when the X-Files was on, but I imagine I would have been scared of it had I been younger.