If you were a tree ...

… what kind of tree would you be?

I’d be yew.

I bet yew wood.

I’d be a bristlecone pine, myself.

Possibly a White Oak (Quercus albans)

Or maybe a nice gnarled Juniper on a mesa top.

I’d want to be a willow tree, but I imagine I’d probably be a pecan tree since I’m so nuts.

A pussy willow. :smiley:

Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee…

Yeah, it’s time for bed.


The larch.

Knowing my luck, I’d be every dog’s favorite.

Avocado tree.

One of the longest living trees in the world. There’s a 400 year-old Avocado tree in Mexico right now. And it still yeilds fruit.

I’m growing one now, in my front yard. I started it as a seed (got it from Chevy’s restuarant - it was a campaign to prove their avocado dip was fresh - they’ll give you the seed!). The seed came in a little baggie with instructions. So I tried it out.

That was six years ago. The tree is near the roof of the house now. Amazing. I feel like a parent. I can’t wait for birds to start living in it. I have to admit, there’s a great sense of satisfaction - of giving back to the planet - when you’re caring for a tree.

Jet Black


Call me Yggdrasil.

I’d be a Scots Pine. I’d have a tall bare trunk with beautiful red-brown bark, and I’d have clusters of long bluish green needles.

I’d be a coconut palm. Cause then i’d get to live near tropical beaches, and be one of the most useful pan-tropical plants. Plus my minions…i mean children would spread like weeds to any beach amenable enough to support us :).

I’d be a baobab.

I’d either be a redwood or a strangler vine.

[hijack]You know, I remember as a little kid being scared to death when I found out that baobabs were real, because I fully believed that they would grow and grow and grow until they eventually tore the planet apart just like in The Little Prince.[/hijack]

Anyway. Right now, I’d be a live oak full of Spanish moss. Ah, I miss Louisiana…

I’d be a white oak.

Ways in which I’m Similar to a White Oak
[li]Indigenous to central Illinois.[/li][li]Large.[/li][li]Take a long time to mature.[/li][/ul]

I’d be a Maple Tree because much like a Maple, I ooze fluid when you stab me with a spigot.

A money tree of course–that’s what my parents were. Or at least that’s what they told me. I think. confused look

Scoff :smiley:

Wet! Oh wait, this isn’t the masturbation thread.

A redwood.

Just cuz I like 'em so much.