If you were being chased in a movie-style car chase...

would you have the radio/CD player on?

Why or why not?

No, because it would just clash with the tension-building movie chase music playing in the background.

Yes, because I always have several CDs of chase-quality action music in my car. :smiley:

Definitely helps make the commute go by faster, lemme tell you…


[Chief Wiggum] “Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, everything that’s wonderful…” [/Chief Wiggum]

No way!

Every sound of the engine, brakes and tires is essential to giving me all the necessary feedback to drive a car on the edge of it’s performance envelope.
Even in driving games, I turn off the music.
I’m so corny. But’s it is true.

I’d have the radio on to check for the location of any fruit carts or panes of glass crossing the road, so I can be sure to hit them.

just reading the OP had the instrumental from Pulp Fiction running through my mind, so my answer is yes. The music would serve the moderate the adrenaline rush of the chase. However, it would have to be an instrumental piece. Singing along to some song about bagging a babe would distract me. :cool:

Yes. I’m thinking some Korn would be about perfect, especially when I initiate a picture-perfect bootleg reverse, only to drive up a flat-bed truck that just happens to have a ramp long enough to make my mid-air leap, followed by threading the needle between two semis, running the redlight and dodging a mini-van full of schoolchidren on their way to sing at the retirement home, and then finally making my getaway by jumping a bridge that my enemy is unable to jump.

Good Lord, no.

I don’t even suck on mints when I drive for fear of choking on my own saliva and crashing, let alone listen to any kind of music. God only knows what would happen if I had the radio or tape player on during a high-speed chase.

The bad guys would just have to get me and force me to tell them where the microfilm was!! :eek:

Of course. Techno deathmetal makes the car go faster.

Most definitely.

I’d have to toss on some Massive Attack or Queen (“Keep Yourself Alive” would be perfect).

The difficult part would be putting the CDs in after the chase started :).

I would have the radio on the news channel so I could find out if the choppers were following yet.

It’s all about the drama.

No, 'cos I’d be on two wheels.



Eject damn it, eject!! No, track 7, track 7!!



Of course, it would be playing a pirated CD, just to show what a villain I really am!

And here I thought I’d be the first to say exactly this.

Most definitely. In fact, I keep the KMFDM CD (RETRO, naturally) in the changer specifically for this reason.

“We’ve got the power, excessive force…”


More importantly, what song would it be?

Pump Up music would actually have a negative effect. You’d be so pumped that you would drive past the limits of your skill and end up crashing. If you really needed to get away, you should roll up your windows and turn off the radio. It really has a psychological effect on a person.
Simply driving with lights and sirens at night makes you want to drive 100 mph. You need to control yourself and not go crazy.

That said. I’d blast music if I was being chased. Most likely I’d end up caught anyway. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts.