If you're in a high-speed chase, what tunes would you have on the stereo?

Inspired by this thread Hilarious and Amazing Police Chase Video, I must pose the question: if you’re in a high speed chase, what tunes are you cranking?

Assume that you would access to any tunes ever, not just what’s in the stolen vehicle.

Personally, I’d go with a smorgasbord:

Master of Puppets, Metallica
Running Down A Dream, Tom Petty
Run Like An Antelope, Phish
Truckin’, Grateful Dead
Take It Easy, The Eagles
Highway To Hell, AC/DC
Ride of the Valkyries, Richard Wagner (I’d totally be thinking of the helo scene in Apocalypse Now)
It’s The End of The World (As We Know It), R.E.M.
Life’s Been Good, Joe Walsh

and if it looks like I’ll get away, I’d wrap it up with
The Abbey Road Medley, The Beatles, neatly timed so that Her Majesty plays just as I pop into the chop shop and the gargage doors slam down behind me, or

Suicide Solution, Ozzy Osbourne, with Randy Rhoads manic solo timed to coincide with my fiery death or fanatical beatdown by LAPD…
(don’t almost all these chases seem to happen in LA)

Ride Like the Wind

that oh so creepy music from “Carmina Burana”[you know the one, someone once described it as psycho hitchhiker music]

Come Away with Me Lucille, in My Merry Oldsmobile

Little Deuce Coupe

We’re Havin’ Fun, Sittin’ in the Backseat, Huggin’ an’ a Kissin’ with Fred

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows.

It’s a Sunshine Day.

Or most definitely Skimbleshanks - performed by the original Broadway cast. That one always gets me pumped up hard!

I Can’t Drive 55 ~ Sammy Hagar
Radar Love ~ Golden Earring
** Beep! Beep!** ~ Donald Claps & Carl Ciccheti :smiley:

See also If you were being chased in a movie-style car chase… over in IMHO.

Looking in my MP3 folder for GTA3…

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Yakkity Sax

Mental banjo music. Always. Boingbingyboingbingyboingbingyboing…

The theme from “COPS”, Limp Bizkits song “Rollin”, Any type of fast hard heavy metal, Jay Dee’s song “F-ck the Police”, I’ll think of some more later.

“Pepper” by Butthole Surfers
“The National Anthem” by Radiohead
“Strangers” by Portishead
“Sober” by Tool

and for when they finally catch me,
“Piggy” by Nine Inch Nails

Carl Orff - Oh Fourtana? (the first act)

As for me, I think I would go for something smooth, mellow, and upbeat. Something to clear my head and add a sense of surrealism. Perhaps Elf Power or Tilly and the Wall. Other possibilities would be The Liars - There is always room on the broom. I think such music would add a cloak of seeming invulnerablity and would put you in a mellow “whatever happens, happens” mindset. Maybe it is just me or something.

Great minds think alike–that was my first thought.

Fuel by Metallica
Red Barchetta Rush
Hot Rod Lincoln - Commander Cody
Basket Case Green Day

I can’t imagine myself in a car chase but I’ve been pulled over for speeding while listening to Kenny Loggin’s “Danger Zone”, Sammy Hagar’s “I can’t drive 55”. and Golden Earring’s “Twilight Zone.” :o Gee, the officers didn’t think it was that funny, why are you laughing???

R. Dean Taylor - Gotta See Jane and Indiana Wants Me.

Dueling Banjos

Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover
Guns N’ Roses - Don’t Damn Me
Fuel - Metalica
Heart - Baracuda

NWA’s Fuck The Police
Theme From Dukes Of Hazzard (but only in Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama - ideally all three)
Smokey Robinson’s Cruisin’ (slow, but funny)
Juvenile’s U Understand?
Theme to Knight Rider, extended instrumental version
Grand Master Flash’s White Lines w/ extended instrumental breakdown
Willy Nelson’s On The Road Again
Theme to 60s Batman TV show (endlessly looped)

Buck Rogers- Feeder
Cannonball- Breeders
Be Quiet And Drive- Deftones
Days Go By- Dirty Vegas
Theme from The Matrix
Boiler- Limp Bizkit
Stupid Girl- Garbage
As I’m sure a lot of people have done, I’ve made CDs specifically for highway driving. Some for relaxing, others for my more, eh, agressive moods.

“Run Like Hell” - Pink Floyd
“Twin Cadillac Valentine” and “Sweetwater Pools” - Screaming Blue Messiahs
“Driven To Tears” - The Police
“La Grange” - ZZ Top
“Nightspots” - The Cars
“Pump It Up” - Elvis Costello