Premiere driving tunes

What are they? I have three in mind, rather different genres.

“Jessica” - Allman Brothers Band - My number one. A fierce instrumental that demands speeds approaching 3 digits in MPH. The soundtrack of my speeding tickets includes Jessica.

“Radar Love” - Golden Earing - Number two. Although 85MPH and a good headbob is usually enough to get me through this one, it’s been known to get me going faster at times.

“Running Down A Dream” - Tom Petty - Number three. Seemingly shallow on the surface, watch out for this one. Especially in the presence of a convertible top or sunroof. On a sunny day, in the right mood, in the right car, you can approach Jessica speeds without even noticing.

Other nominations?

I always liked Highway Star by Deep Purple

Canned Heat - On the Road again.

Good ones, all.

One that makes me a leadfoot:
Cliffs of Dover - Eric Johnson(I think)

Abacab. Nice, long, steady.


‘Radar Love’… Golden Earing
‘Highway Star’…Deep Purple
'Big Red Rocket of Love’and ‘5-0 Ford’…The Reverend Horton Heat
‘Gonna Raise Hell’ and ‘California Man’…Cheap Trick
‘Red Barchetta’…Rush

So many…

But I’ll give you my ultimate Hot Summer Night Windows Down Boulevard Cruisin’ Song:

Don Henley - Boys of Summer.

I mean, honestly. It just doesn’t get any cooler than that scenario.

One of the drawbacks of two-wheelers is that you have to provide your own entertainment. I like to sing “Hot Rod Lincoln” and of course, “Born to be wild” at the top of my lungs into my crash helmet.

And of course, the Danish band Gasolin has written the ultimate driving song, “Derudaf”.

S. Norman

Um, Born To Be WIld anyone?
Jesus Built My Hotrod- MInistry
Jerry Was A Race Car Driver- Primus
Dragula- Rob Zombie
Going the Distance- Cake
and while not a car tune per se,
Surrender (live)-Cheap Trick always got my lead foot stompin’

Nice choices. I second the nomination of “Boys of Summer,” and add:

Born to be Wild - how can anyone not have mentioned this one yet?
St. Elmo’s Fire - My favorite “road” song

Virtually any song by Stevie Ray Vaughn

Virtually any song by Joe Satriani

Um, most CDs in my collection

I used to drive a lot when I was a sales rep. I had a 12 disc CD player in my truck and drove in some pretty remote areas.

(probably the top song is “Radar Love” Golden Earring, but you already knew that)

“Furious Angels” – Robert Dougan

“Spy Break” – Propellerheads

“Dread” – Allison with One

“Renaissance” – Hooverphonic

“Believe” – Franka Potente

Am I the only one who listens to music written in the past decade?

Lake Shore Drive - Aliota Haynes & Jeremiah
No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature - Guess Who
Pleasant Valley Sunday - Monkees

Funny thing you should bring this up - I had the opportunity this last weekend to go down to the city in a friend’s restored 66 Mustang Convertible with my SO - we heard the above on the radio - seemed like a perfect match…

I hope he doesn’t sell that car anytime soon…

Since I haven’t seen it mentioned, I will leave lurker mode to nominate ‘Going Mobile’ by The Who. As with the previously mentioned ‘Radar Love’, the pedal gets warm and snuggly with the metal, as it were.

Unfortunately, I live in commuter hell and I have to slam on the brakes right after I floor it. There is nothing worse than screaming ‘…watch the po-lice and the tax man miss me, I’m MOBILE…’ while stuck in bumper to bumper traffic.

I second “Radar Love,” and have to nominate Lenny Kravitz’ “Are You Gonna Go My Way” for more contemporary fare.

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Ramblin’ Man - Allman Brothers
Flirtin’ with Disaster - Molly Hatchet
Gimme Three Steps - Lynyrd Skynyrd

I’m not from the South, I’ve never spent much time in the South and I’m not particularly a huge fan of Southern Rock, but when it comes to driving, they just seem to fit the bill.

I second Tymp with Believe. Great movie, awesome soundtrack. Here are some more sweet road tunes.

Civil War (Tripping in Boot Camp Mix) – Combine the German version of Full Metal Jacket with downright evil techno/industrial music courtesy of Funkervogt and Velvet Acid Christ and you have one of the best driving songs ever. When that song comes on, no one ever passes me.

Prokofiev’s 2nd Piano Concerto – This piece is downright barbarian. Words fail me. Get a recording with Bronfman playing.

Led Zeppelin’s White Summer/Black Mountain Side – gorgeous guitars for those long drives through the country.

Op Ivy’s Freeze Up – The only problem is that this song is too short.


I forgot the best.

Beethoven, Symphony No. 5


Yeah, that came out when… '97, '98?

I second “Ramblin’ Man” and I would also like to add “Born to Run” and for those more introspective moments “Racing in the Street” By Bruce Springsteen. And I would add “Rockaway Beach”, cause you have to have the Ramones on here somewhere.