If you were desperate for Money, Would you pimp you spouse?

(Doh) :smiley:

I actually saw this on some movie once. (I think Demie Moore starred in it).
Lets say that you were deeply involved with someone that had a totally heartbreaker face and a drop-dead geougous body. Someone that turned heads almost everywhere they went. If you were hopelessly in debt (so much in debt that you owed more money that you could ever hope to repay) and some milionaire came along and offfered you one million dollars cash and untaxed to spend one night with your spouse, would you consent to it? :eek:

No way. I am very monogamous and I couldn’t tolerate the idea of my loved one being with someone else in that way.

<quote>If you were desperate for Money, Would you pimp you spouse?</quote>

No, but I might pimp out yours. . . . :wink: (I knew it was coming, so to speak, so I thought I’d be first).

Seriously though, I’d like to think I wouldn’t, but I’ve never been married and I’ve never been that desperate for cash. Never say never.

No, it would be cheating if the spouse agreed and then I would immediately divorce them.

My former husband tried to pimp me (not for a million for sure, just for drug money)

Sure. But then, I have an open marriage anyway.

Never married, but if I was in that situation, and if my spouse agreed to it, then I would assume the marriage is over with at that point (like a three-some, destined to end a relationship). I’d take the money, split it with her and part ways. Of course she’d get all of in in civil court, these days. :rolleyes:

If I ever needed that kind of money I’d sell my comic books.

Hey, they’re worth a million to me.


If, at some point, it becomes possible to buy back my self-respect, my pride, my spouse’s love and respect… if it somehow became feasible to repair the damage of the experience (to both of us) by simply throwing money at it…


Otherwise, hell, no.

A million dollars for one night of work? I give an unreserved yes. It reminds me of the end of one ep of Mad About You. I think they were in Atlantic City, and the gag was exactly that set-up. They didn’t even think about it, just said “sure”.

I don’t think the thread title and the actual thread really coincide.

The title makes me imagine putting the spouse down on the corner to shake their money maker as a continual source of income. The actual scenario involves an uninvited offer being made, and then making a choice to accept or not- a one time deal. Rather different situations.

I’m going to have to go with the cop out and say that it’s really not my decision.

Way back in the dark ages, when DeHusband and I were engaged, we saw that movie. And as we walked out of the theater, I turned to DeHusband and said, “Honey, if he asked, would you want me to sleep with Robert Redford for a million dollars?” DeHusband took my hands, looked deeply into my eyes and said, “DeVena, for a millions dollars I’d sleep with him.”

So, yeah, no problem, if DeHusband had no problem with it. But having been married lo-these-many-years, there is no way I’d go screwing some random guy. Because for the rest of our married life, DeHusband would never let it go away. “I’m better than the rich guy, aren’t I?” Yes, dear… now hurry up. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve done it before, I don’t see why I wouldn’t again…

No, I most likely wouldn’t pimp my spouse. But I would pimp my children if need be. After all, they are my property. I made 'em, I own 'em, I can do with 'em as I please until they become adults.


I’d be a lot more comfortable whoring myself out, but I’d pimp my hypothetical wife out- to another woman. Robert Redford would have to get a blow-up doll.

If I was that far in debt I’d file for bankruptcy.

No way. And if my hypothetical spouse suggested it, I’d knock his teeth out.

I asked this question to my GF and her answer was…sure! For a Million? Damn straight (that is, me being pimped out, she’s the jealous type).

I’m pretty much the same. Sex is sex to me. As long as my GF doesn’t get hurt and is willing, I won’t stop her.

I did ask her what her “lower limit” was, she said at least a new house ~250K :smiley:

As I responded to my ex-husband upon his asking me “Would I do that for one million dollars?” after seeing the movie in question…“Honey, for a million bucks, I’d rent you out for the night.”

Hell, I’d pimp my husband out for a minimum credit card payment.