Guys: how desperate would you have to be to VISIT a prostitute?

Inspiring thread. Me, since most of the pleasure of sex comes from areas of the psyche which aren’t strictly derived from the physical, I’ve never had an interest. But this question seemed like a natural. Marrieds/committeds, vote from the perspective of you being single and unattached.

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Only if I was horribly disfigured (I’m talking missing arms/legs/face) and completely unable to get a willing partner for myself…

I wouldn’t mind but someone else would have to foot the bill. I’m against having to pay for the quality I would want when I can get the same thing for a quarter of the price at a bar.

I have a single male friend who sometimes uses the services of a prostitute when he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Nothing wrong with him in any department. He likened it to going through a fast food drive thru versus cooking at home. Sometimes you just want something fast and dependable and don’t want to be bothered with anything else.

Nope, even when my balls have been at their bluest (like, at least half of my twenties) I never gave it serious consideration. Too many downsides, not enough ups, even if that were the kind of sex I was looking for, which it never really was. Now? Even less likely.

I’d rather go without than pay for it. Paying for sex would be highly damaging to my self image.

I chose the third option. I don’t think there is anything theoretically wrong with going to a prostitute, if everything is above-board and no-one is coerced.

In reality, though, I’ve never been to one, not even during a 14-year dry spell. I’ve never had enopugh money for the high-class prostitutes I’d be more likely to trust, and I have no desire to hire a street-walker. The semi-legality of the profession makes it really hard to trust anyone or determine quality.

Under certain conditions – namely, if I were single, had enough disposable income to pay for a higher-class call girl as opposed to a whore off the street, and she could provide some sort of assurance that she was STD-free – I’d say, sure, why not?

As Mae West may or may not have once said: “Sex with love is the greatest thing in life. But sex without love— that’s not so bad either.”

I’ve been to the legal brothels in Nevada numerous times. It’s no big deal, but can be a little pricy.

Well I never buy anything off the street, but if you mean students putting themselves through a course who also want a social life, or girls working in a bar and are up for a pool party or to go away for a weekend. There are whole degrees of mutually accommodating relationships and if it involves financial assistance then so does any relationship yes?

I used to own part of a girlie bar here and I know that girls who went out with the customers were all quite willing. And despite cautionary tales about the Far East, some successful permanent relationships were made.

Its not the big thing it seems to be in the west.

I never have but IF I had the money for a higher end girl AND I had any idea as to how to find such a person…I’d give it a try… maybe.

When I was stationed in Germany in the mid-80’s I frequented the local brothels. This was pre-AIDS so I didn’t know the risk I was taking. I just knew that they were government tested to be free of the usual STDs. I went maybe once a month. It didn’t cost much (the economy was great, about 3 DM = $1), I was 18 and single and wasn’t interested in getting into a relationship so it satisfied my urges.

Nowadays, even if I wasn’t married, I wouldn’t go to one. The street hookers aren’t safe and I wouldn’t waste the money on a high price call girl. As much as I would love to get a BJ I won’t risk catching something or spending a ton of cash.

In 1971, following basic training in Fort Leonard Wood, MO, several of us decided to try it out.

Weren’t nuthin’ great.

Never. I want a woman who is into me. Even sex with a stranger is the sharing of something very genuine.
But sex with a hooker is all about money. She cares nothing about me, only about the money. I’m just a job.

No thank you.

It has nothing to do with being desperate. I would never visit a street prostitute no matter how long my dry spell, on the other hand the only reason i’ve never tried a high class call girl is lack of funds. So i guess if i was rich i’d be banging 1k an hour hotties pretty much weekly.

I had a dry spell of nearly five years, and paying for sex never once seriously crossed my mind.

I’ve known a number of prostitutes socially, and they’re almost invariably motivated by a taste for drugs. The “nice girl putting herself through college” is a myth. That’s what some will tell clients, if asked, because it’s a lot more attractive than “I’m a drug addict”. That goes for the highest of the high-class ones as much as it does for the streetwalkers. The high-class ones can afford much better quality drugs, that’s the only real difference.

Users of prostitutes generally seem to be able to achieve a level of self-deception that’s completely beyond me. Again, having been friends with quite a few pros I can tell you for absolute certain: they have no respect for their clients. They despise them. They do not despise their other clients but like you because you’re nice, they tell you that because it’s far more profitable than giving their honest opinions.

But prostitutes despise the men who pay them. Utterly. And me, I want to be liked. I want someone to be having sex with me because they like me, not to finance a drug habit. So visiting a pro has zero appeal to me.

Even a one-night stand is based on something real. Even if it’s only drunkenness and loneliness, it’s two people sharing the comfort of a moment of affection. But an act of prostitution is never real. So no matter how desperate I’ve been - and I’ve been very desperate at times - I could never fool myself into using a prostitute.

I’ve visited an escort before. I was a single, lonely salesman in need of some sort of female companionship, she was a college girl in need of a lonely salesman’s paycheck. We spent the weekend doing coke and drinking bourbon. And fucking.

It was awesome for both of us and I don’t regret a thing.

I don’t understand the need to be liked by a prostitute anymore than i would the need to be liked by the guy who does my dry cleaning. Nor do i see what maner of self deception has to be involved, you pay for a service like any other, what the girl chooses to do with her money is as much my concern as what i do with mine is hers.

The thing is its not supposed to be real. Its paid entertainment. A very intimate entertainment, with some very specific risks, but entertainment nonetheless.

Does it bother you that your masseuse is massaging you for money and doesn’t specifically enjoy it, and would rather be home? Or that the singer in the band at the local dive is about ready to kill someone who requests… umm… whatever song because they’ve played it 8 billion times?

I’m not all big on sex in the first place, but I’ve been to a couple brothels in the past, and got myself a nice escort once. Fun times. I don’t delude myself that they enjoyed it as much as I did, if at all, but then that was never part of the contract. I’m simply paying to be entertained. A one night stand is nice too, but I don’t delude myself there that she’s all into me either. One night stands are pretty much prostitution, except you’re paying each other in kind.

Which is fine. Its just sex. Not like its a big deal or anything. It can be, but it can also be meaningless fun. Or just a job. Or a chore. Depends on the circumstances.
I’ve only visited legal prostitutes btw. Illegal prostitution creates too many problems.