Explain the allure of hiring a prostitute?

Ok first of all I am not religious and have no moral issue with prostitution, I don’t believe its disgusting or anything like that, in fact I think prostitution should be legalized and fast.

However I just can’t understand the allure of using the services of a prostitute, especially those who believe they have no choice as no one would be interested in them without money changing hands.

I don’t think I could even get or maintain an erection with some random chick I feel no attraction to, she was just the least offensive looking one on the corner. I could never get the thought out of my mind that she is just working, and if she isn’t enjoying it or even interested what is the point? Its just psychologically uncomfortable to the point of being a big turn off, its creepy.

National Geographic’s Taboo series had a Dutch man in a wheelchair on and followed him as he went to visit a er whorehouse in Amsterdam, he said that the government provides prostitution allowances for disabled men like him as of course he could never have sex otherwise. Wow that was about the saddest thing I ever head, I felt sorry for him(and think he is fooling himself).

Allure? I don’t think anyone is drawn to a prostitute by any sort of allure. More like desperation.

It is difficult to imagine the person so absolutely lacking in any personality or charm or physical attraction that their only option for sexual relations is to pay for it.

Chef can 'splain …

Obligatory South Park video.

(Probably NSFW)

Some WAGs based on nothing more than speculation:

  1. Man has itch, wants to scratch it, doesn’t give a damn about women’s feelings, can’t be bothered playing the courting game, so purchases services.

  2. Man wants certain acts, techniques, positions, role-playing that current woman in his life can’t/won’t provide.

It’s quite simple, his hand is tired

I think that some men are a lot hornier than others.

I get meeting some strange woman in a bar and fucking before even learning each others last names based on nothing but physical attraction and some short conversation. Fuck that could be hot as hell, no surprise its a common fantasy.

But random working chick from corner of 48th and 12th, $10 for a blow and $20 for a lay its $50 if you wanna go bareback and no kissing on the lips. :confused: Ain’t improving circulation in my lower body if you get my drift.

I’ve heard it said that you don’t pay the prostitute for sex. You pay her to *leave *after the sex…

Consider, then, that you are a very lucky fellow.
I’ve known plenty of guys who had easily reached that point of desperation. It’s extremely common.

Read Paying For It by Chester Brown.

Because its better than no sex?

This is my impression as well.

Really? You must get mad pussy, or maybe you just have never read the SDMB before.


I don’t know why this is sad. I’m happy for him. At least he can have sex, even if he has to pay for it, and why shouldn’t he?

And I can even understand why men would pay for sex. Not just desperation, but maybe just someone hotter than you’d get in real life, or whatever.

Men have it easier in this respect - good sex or bad sex, they’re probably guaranteed to come. Sometimes I think women don’t go to prostitutes only because there’s no real guarantee of an orgasm, so why take the risk with no reward?

I propose that when desperation (D) x time since last sex (T) is of a greater or equal value than Common Sense © times Fear (F) to the factor of age (A) over (T), then prostitution is possible.

Prostitution Possible: (D)T ≥ {(C x F) to the power of A}/T

“Penny…?” knock-knock

“Penny…?” knock-knock

“Penny…?” knock-knock

I have never paid a prostitute, but why wouldn’t you pay for a service/experience you wanted?

You could just as easily ask, “what’s the allure of paying someone to cook you a hamburger when you could go to the grocery store, buy the fixings, and make your own burger, cheaper and fresher than the one at the restaurant?”

Because sometimes you don’t feel like going to the store, coming back home, making the patties, slicing the onion, and all that crap. And, my burgers never quite come out like the one’s at Joe’s Restaurant anyway. So, tonight, screw it, I’m going to splurge a little and eat at Joe’s!

The sadness is that he thinks so lowly of himself that he could never have a relationship or sex without paying for it, thats just not true at all. And apparently the government agrees.

Setting aside numerous other “real life” issues, that’s always been a quandary for me. I haven’t done any real research but the prostitutes I see in the local paper blotter or Smoking Gun look like women I wouldn’t have sex with for free. The only times I see hot sex workers (outside of movies) are when some politician gets picked up with a $1500/hr call girl in the car. The “had to pay for sex” thing doesn’t worry me as much as the “so desperate that he paid HER $20 for sex” aspect.

You are sorely lacking in imagination.