If you were elected as the next Pope, what papal name would you choose?

Ok, you’ve just been named the next Pope. What papal name do you choose?

I’d pick Innocent. I’d be Pope Innocent the XIV.
Here is a list of the popes.

Why would you pick Innocent?

In the very vanishingly event that I am elected Pope, I definitely won’t go with one of the popular names. They seem to have more baggage than I care to deal with.

I might go with Dionysius II so that I can set a more debauched tone and perhaps attract some cultists.

Or perhaps I’ll call myself Lando II because 1.) he is apparently “the most unimportant pope” and 2.) I am a huge nerd. I want to see fanboys go nuts throughout Christendom.

Irving. Just to mess with everyone’s mind.


Toot toot!


Pope elmo needs a tickle… yeeeeeeeessssss!

In a world where they thought I, a female Jew, should be elected pope, who am I to turn them down?

I’d be Popette Silvester. I’ve spent a lot of time with Sil I for my dissertation, I’ve come to enjoy his boyish charms and his ability to slay dragons. Plus I wouldn’t challenge any rabbis to any duels.


Pope Papa

You’d have to be Irving I. Gotta’ have a number. Popes got numbers. Goes with the funny hat.

Me, I’d go with Hilarius II. I love that name. It’s … well … Hilarius!

Pope Pip.

Biggus Dickus.

I wouldn’t be a very good pope…

Pope Schlomo. So I could quote that “Critic” episode–“No, it’s the Vatican. And I’m Pope Schlomo!”

I’m Pope Rod Towers, baby!

Well, I’ve always been a Rex Harrison fan, so I’ll probably go with Pope Julius II…the II.

In other words, Julius IV. :smiley:

(Or, since it’s the 21st century, how about Julius II[sup]2[/sup] ? )

George Ringo The First. That is the First to say George Ringo, the obvious joke.

I would go for Sixtus VI, because I’m a joker.

Pope Athiest? naah
Pope Cthulu, hmm, has promise…
how about Onarope?

Pope Onarope, has a certain…swing to it, i kinda’ like it

I saw the pope on TV.
I have a button to prove it.

Pope Muhammed.

Okay, seriously, Sylvester. Big Gerbert of Aurillac fan.

I like Dionysius II or Lando II. Maybe Sixtus VI.

Pope The Magic Dragon I

Or maybe Pope Boogaloo I.