If you were Polyjuiced....

Inspired by Harry Potter…

In the latest part, a whole group of people took Polyjuice Potion to be transferred into Harry.

Including Hermione.

Now as an 18 year old girl, to be suddenly transformed into a boy, bits and all - what would be the first thing you would have done?

And conversely, as an 18 year old boy, transferred into a girl, what would you have done?

And for bonus points, what do you imagine it would feel like?

I’d play with my boobs for a day straight. After that, I have to think.

Can I make the obvious joke about women and thinking…or would that be too easy?

Drop my pants and check out the joystick, of course.

What - infront of everyone? You exhibitionist you!! :smiley:

Boy -> Girl: Immediately drop all my shit and tell any nearby boy to pick it up and carry it for me while holding the door open.

Girl -> Boy: Immediately drop all my shit and tell any nearby boy to pick it up and carry it for me while holding the door open because even though I don’t look like a girl I should still be treated like one.

Hey, under the circumstances in the OP everybody else has identical joysticks :slight_smile:

Should we just go ahead and assume that everyone will answer “masturbate” as their first response, and move on from there?

I suspect the immediate female reaction would be along the lines of “You walk around with all this stuff in your pants all the time? Doesn’t it get rubbed raw or something?”

Am I the only horrible person who’d say that if there were 10 Harry Potters in the room, about to be blasted to smithereens by Death Eaters, that they should…

…use the spare parts & make at least 5 decent pair of glasses?
“Lord Voldemort, we could only find five of them. Where could the rest be?”
“Quiet, I’m concentrating. I see a Muggle sign. We must find a store called ‘LensCrafters’.”
“LensCrafters? But there’s Thousands! And they all look alike.”
Damn You, Potter!!!

I’d write my name in the snow.

Boy --> girl: The 2nd thing I’d do is check the calendar, to see if I’m about to find out what it’s like to have a period.

The first thing I’d do would be pretty obvious to anyone who carries Y chromosomes.



But of course… Isn’t that what every red-blooded temporarily transsexual American boy would do?

Masturbating seems unambitious. I would be interested to find out what the other side of sex is like, though.

As pointed out in another thread, that is actually a trope: Man, I Feel Like A Woman.

Boy -> girl: Once the shock wore off, I’d check out the women’s washroom, to find out whether it really is all that much nicer than the men’s. Besides, I would need to find out how to pee without making a mess.

You certainly could assume that. But then I doubt you’d be terribly interested in hearing my second-through-to-five-hundred-and-ninety-sixth responses.

A friend asked me this question recently (in a different, non-Harry-Potter form) and my answer was, “pour soups and reach things that are high up. Oh, and open jars.”

We make soups in big giant pots and then have to pour them into containers to store them, but I’m too small and not strong enough to just pick up a pot and pour it, so I scoop it halfway with a ladle. The boys can mostly just pour it and it’s much faster and I’m jealous. And I’m jealous of their ability to be tall and see the tops of shelves and not just the bottoms. And, of course, their manly jar-opening hands.