If you were to surprise your parents with a dream car...

What would it be?

I found THIS interesting video about kids surprising their parents with their dream cars. sometimes its an old classic that they always wanted but never could afford. Sometimes its just a new car.
Sometimes the car has an interesting backstory such as this one - Angry Grandpas Dream car
OrTHIS ONEwhere the man over 30 years ago sold his Corvette so he could afford to start a family.
So if you could surprise an elderly relative with a dream car, what would it be and why?

Ever seen that old movie…Christine?

Wheelchair car

During the 60’s my mother coveted a Corvette. She never got it. Always wanted to get her one.

But, she did have a Studebaker President Speedster.

I’d get my dad a '53 Buick Skylark. He had one as a youth until his older brothers crashed it. He has always reminisced glowingly about that car.

A hearse, since they’re both deceased.

Dad’s dead. Mom doesn’t drive but she’d like a Rolls with a uniformed chauffeur, so long as someone else pays for everything.

My dad owned a 67 GTO when he was young. If I had infinite money I’d find his original car (its probably a bucket of rust in a junkyard) and have it restored to look like it did when he was young.

It would be a Cadillac, which is what my dad remembers as the top of the line car, and has regained a lot of its lost image in the last decade. He had one during it’s heyday and never again was able to get into that top car category. When his car was totaled due to a hail storm he mentioned this to me, and I went to look at them with him, but when he looked further he bought the car back from the insurance co as there was nothing wrong with it expect every body panel was dinged.

My dad’s dream vehicle was the diesel pickup he bought when he retired. Mom kept it a while after he died, but it’s gone now. As for my mom, she doesn’t care about cars other than as a handy tool. She’s got a Mazda5 that she likes well enough, and at 85, I can’t see her ever buying another vehicle.

I came in to post this.

I was going to post that last night but reconsidered, thinking some folks around here might find it tasteless. How long have I been here? I should know better. :wink:

I’m not sure you two have a firm grasp on the purpose of a hearse. Are you planning to dig up their rotting corpses and cruise around town?

IF they were alive though, what would they have liked?

Yes, but with that attitude, you’re not invited.

How* else* are they going to enjoy their new car?

If I was picking my dream for my Dad it would have been a Shelby Cobra; one of the “200mph” models. Dad was a serious gearhead and went over the century mark on a regular basis with several of the muscle cars I put together. Heck – he broke 100 with his Tempo at least once. He just really liked to drive really fast. If he was picking for himself it probably would have been a Model A Stake Bed like he learned to drive on. We actually looked at a couple but never could find one with enough left to save that fit our budget back in the day.