What kind of cars do you prefer and why?

Guys which cars would you like to have in your dream garage? For example, my list would be: Chevrolet Corvette, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini Huracan. In my opinion, these models’re the most pretentious.

66 GTO, 69 Hemi Charger, or the first car I ever owned, a 62 Pontiac Catalina convertible. Paid $45 for it. It was an ill running, gas sucking really cool car. Didn’t realized til much later that a car like that with a Tri-power 389, wide hub wheels and a leather interior would be worth a whole lot of money down the road. Sold it for $75 and bought a beat up Mercury Comet.

I really like older cars - especially 69-72 A bodies. So a 69 Cutlass would be sweet. Doesn’t even need to be a 442.

Maybe an old Jag XKE.

And some big old land yacht - maybe a 70 Eldo vert.

I want a pickup truck as my daily driver (2019 GMC Sierra with all the bells and whistles will do just fine).

For the family, a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter passenger van (I have 5 kids).

For toys:

Chevrolet Corvette ZO6
2001 Pontiac Trans Am WS-6 - black, tan leather, t-tops, 6-speed Hurst tranny. This was my dream car when I first started driving.
1970 Corvette Stingray with 454 big block - manual trans
Ferrari 550 Maranello - I always loved that car
Gotta have a mid-engine Ferrari, so give me the 488 GTB
I would also have a tricked-out Jeep for the woods. I used to see Wranglers with Corvette engines dropped in at Jeep shows - gimme one of those, please.

Cars are transportation appliances to me - I want a fairly new wagon with AWD, modern safety features, and decent gas mileage. Right now the Subaru Outback meets my needs.

I like small cars I can park in a flower pot; loved the Yaris hutchbacks (my first is now my brother’s, my second got replaced by a C1), specially the black holes*. I think my next one will be whatever Daimler is making at the time. I got a Smart as a rental and damn but it was nice!

  • Four in each corner and one in the middle. It’s the only explanation we’ve found for how manouverable they are and how much stuff you can fit inside.

Kia Stinger GT2 with all wheel drive. I don’t have a family so I am a sedan guy. This car looks good, is very fast, and practical as it is a Grand touring hatchback.

I’d love to have a Honda Odyssey, but there’s no logical reason for me to have a minivan at this stage of my life. So I drive a Sonata, and I’ll stick with comfy sedans henceforth.

I like safety so classics would be right out. I guess these if we’re talking brand new:

Truck: Ford F-350 Platinum
SUV: Range Rover
Mini-Van: Honda Odyssey Touring Elite
Sedan: Rolls Royce Phantom
Coupe: Audi R8
Muscle car: Ford Mustang Shelby GT500
Exotic: Lamborghini Veneno
Electric: Tesla Model S

Somehow we ended up with two of those. Wife got a red one, I got a panthera metal grey one. They do look nice, but not extravagant; and they’ve got some muscle in 'em but are not ‘jumpy’ unless you want them to be. It’s nice to have some performance without looking like I’m having a midlife crisis. Got a redlight challenge by a Dodge Challenger RT over the weekend. That went very well for the Stinger. So yeah, my garage is satisfied.

I like cars that work well for what I need. I would be quite happy with no cars in the world if there were alternatives for me. I have less than zero romantic feelings about cars in general, indeed I think of them as very much a blight upon the planet, although cars that work well for me I do eventually acquire an affection for, like any good tool.

Right now I have the two best cars I’ve ever had, a Honda Fit and a late model Ford F-150 with Ecoboost. Sadly they are not going to stay, as our steep gravel road is more than a two-wheel drive vehicle can well handle in winter now that we are in New England (yes even with snow tires). The Fit will be replaced by a Subaru Forester and the truck by a 4 wheel drive version of probably the same thing; it needs to be able to haul a full two horse trailer up our road so it may end up being a 250. Dunno yet.

Doesn’t matter to me. I did like the original Saturn SL1, and I like my Hyundai Elantra. If I needed to pick another, I’d look through the Consumer Reports ratings and pick the one that is high rated and costs the least.

For me, a car is something that takes me from place to place. Driving isn’t fun; at best, it’s unobtrusive. I just want it to be dependable.

I’ve been driving Jeep Wranglers for decades and I love them. Manual transmission, stiff suspension, soft-top that can be dropped. I remove the back seat and store it until trade-in. There is just enough room for our three dogs, and I don’t have to keep up the interior. Yay!

I don’t drive much, but my pick would be a brand new medium size Audi or BMW station wagon. Easy to park, comfortable, smooth to drive, and lots of practicality.

Judging by this thread, SDMB doesn’t have a lot of big dreamers…

Italian and German.

I just don’t have the internet to list them all individually. :wink:

Never really thought of a Corvette as being particularly pretentious (OK, maybe models like the ZR-1, perhaps.) To me, it’s just your basic sports car. The others, sure. Throw in a Ferrari Enzo in there, a McLaren F1, etc., and now we’re talking!

Me? I just like compact, economical, reasonably efficient vehicles that have a little bit of pop to them. Also, I prefer stick because it’s fun. I’m on my second Mazda 3, after having discovered it in 2004, and it’s pretty much the perfect car for me. It’s been reliable, it averages over 30mpg between city and a little bit of highway driving (and hits 40+ mpg on highway only), cost less than $20K, and has a peppy enough engine for me.

Some of us just do not dream about cars.

I have dream-boats galore.

Fair enough.

A DeLorean with a “Things go better with Coke” bumper sticker.