If your baby is crying...DO SOMETHING!!

I recently went to Borders, which as you know is a pretty quiet bookstore. Like almost library quiet. I was watching a mom push her baby around in a stroller. She stopped in front of a shelf and began to read this book, and the baby, I guess noticing that he wasn’t moving and maybe he thought his mom had left, I dunno, began to cry in the quiet store. But that wasn’t what bothered me. What bothered me was that the mom continued to push the stroller. She did nothing! It wasn’t until the baby’s cry reached that ear-shattering wail that babies learn to master around age 2 months, that she picked him up out of the stroller and comforted him.
Why would she wait this long??
Why why why???

Niece or Nephew? Stepkid? Pointy headed sperm with too-thin-condom?

Because when you’ve been taking care of a screaming, shitting, pink tube-sausage for a while, you can probably tune out a little bit of, “Waaah, I’m bored. Waaah.”

Exactly - the mommy can usually tell by the sound of her own kid’s cry if it is a “pick me up NOW” cry or “I’m a little cranky but I’ll get over it” cry.

Hahaha…tube sausage…lol

I haven’t been able to tune it out in 10 months. I have no idea how other parents do it.

Because sometimes, no matter what you do, the baby will not stop crying.

How long was the baby fussing? Two minutes, five minutes, an hour and a half? Sometimes babies will fuss and go back to sleep or stop crying on their own. Mom did pick the baby up…she probably knew he was at that *I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore * stage.

That’s a good point - was it fussing or outright crying? If my son’s just fussing, he’ll get a ‘you’re okay’, and a pat on the back or the butt. If he’s crying, I’ll pick him up and comfort him - but sometimes they just fuss for the heck of it.

I don’t really know the difference between fussing and crying…but it started out as fussing and then kind of elevated to outright crying. It went like this.
Baby spits out pacifier. Baby makes a noise that sounds like, “weh…sniff weh…sniff” for about 2 minutes, which turned into “wahh…pant pant wahh…pant pant”…which eventually turned into what i assume is outright crying, which went on for about 3 minutes before the mom realized he was “fo’ serious” crying and comforted him…
I guess I understand where you guys are coming from…just needed a rant. =]

A lot of parents get attuned to the relative urgency of the crying and can distinguish between “I’m a little bored and fussy” and “I just swallowed a nail – RED ALERT.”

Sometimes the crying becomes so constant that a little background whining is the best you’re going to get. If you ever want to do anything besides hold the baby, you have to learn to block out some of the bawling.

On the occasions when we take our kids to McDonalds for the Playland area, I’m always amused at the sight of parents sitting placidly eating their burgers, completely impervious to the cacophony ringing out all around them. You just get inured to it after a while.

It gets easier the second time.

That’s most likely true for the mother - not for the other patrons in the quiet bookstore. It would have been considerate of her to leave until the baby calmed down, or maybe (gasp) not take the baby out in public until it is old enough to behave itself a little better.

McDonald’s is one thing. But it is quite rude to take your screaming little shit machine into a bookstore.

THANK you, I haven’t had any kids, cuz I’m a minor with a reasonably good head on her shoulders, so I have not yet developed the skill of tuning out! I am also an only child so I am not used to hearing babies cry,

I haven’t either, dear - and I am 46 years old. Only child and no kids. I am one of those people who will leave a place if people are just letting their children scream. (I’m not talking about McDonalds.) You may be used to it; I am not.

Preach it.

A little fussing, yeah OK for a few minutes. More than that – out you go.

My younger child was physically unable to stay still and quiet for very long until she was well into, nay, beyond toddlerhood. We didn’t go to anything more upscale or adult than a Mc D’s for years, unless we had a babysitter. She had to be old enough to understand that certain places – restaurants, bookstores, libraries, etc. were only for people who could sit still & be quiet. Even then it was difficult and took a few times of being made to wait in the parking lot with a parent until she got the hang of it.

Nowadays this is happening in my library. And this pisses me right off. Get the damn kid out of there, it’s a library.

But people - young and old - aren’t quiet in a library anymore. One of the last bastions of silence, gone. :frowning:

:smiley: Snaps to you for being reasonable. I wish all people could have as much common sense.

There’s fussing, there’s crying, and then there’s the high-pitched shriek, designed to pierce any parent’s eardrum.

Could she have picked up the baby a little sooner, especially in a place that’s supposed to be on the quiet side? Perhaps. But I’m not going to dump in the Bad Parent column just yet. She did wait and see if the fussing would progress or if it would stop on its own, and she did comfort the baby within a reasonable amount of time. You’ve got parents who dump their kids off at a store while they go browse the food courts, and said kids run rampant through the store with no adult supervision whatsoever.

There are worse parents out there.

I get what you mean…but I wasn’t pitting her parenting abilities, just this particular incident. I don’t judge, yo.

Well, if you’re going to Pit every crying baby, we’re going to be here awhile. :cool:

To each his/her own. I used to loathe babies in public places. I guess I’ve mellowed out because I can gasp tolerate a yelling kid in a restaurant.
Pretty much the only place I have trouble with screaming kids is in a theater. Otherwise I can just tune out or pluck up and bear it.