If your closest Interstate is I-24, I-40 or I-65, say so!

The thread on names for freeways, as well as the one on Degree Confluences, has suggested this idea to me.

Nashville is at the crossroads of the three in the title and those roads cover a lot of territory. I-40 is basically a coast-to-coast affair and I-65 goes from the Gulf to Lake Michigan. I-24 is less conspicuous but still covers parts of three states.

If you’re closer to some other Interstate, maybe you could start a similar thread dealing with it/them.

I live a few miles from I-40 , I am also near I-540, I-440, and I-85.

I live about 7 miles from I-65, and have my whole life. It slices right through NW Indiana.

We have an I-440 here as well. There’s even an I-840 further out of town that was intended to be a loop around Nashville. It has been bogged down for years with disputed rights of way and that sort of thing. I used to know the logic for the I-x40 loops, but have forgotten them by now. Similar things apply to the N-S roads, too.

I wonder if there are accessible statistics on which Interstates have the highest populations within some minimal distance from them.

The closest to me is I-696, a metro Detroit offshoot of I-96, which itself is confined entirely within the state of Michigan. Other nearby interstates are I-75 (Michigan to Florida) and I-94 (Montana to Michigan).

Pretty much every US or Interstate highway that enters Michigan also ends in Michigan, because of its geography.

The closest Interstate to me in Toronto appears to be I-190 just north of Niagara Falls, NY, as it enters the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge to become the 405. The closest Interstate to me in Bancroft would appear to be I-490 as it passes through Rochester, NY.

I’m closest to 1-24, but getting to I-40 is fairly easy. I’m near 840 as well.

Do you know much of the history of 840?

I am nearest I-75, but I-24 is only 20 miles south of here and I can see the 24/75 junction where I work.

I-59 is also nearby.

I live in Lafayette, IN, which is directly on I-65.

I live close to I-495 that intersects with I-95 within 20 minutes. That will take you straight down the East Coast all the way to Florida in two or three days depending on how eager you are to get there. I also live close to the Massachusetts Turnpike which is also I-90. That one makes me a little nervous because it means that I could put the cruise controlon, fall asleep, and wake up in Seattle 2500 miles later.

i-90 and 1-35 cross not too far from me.

I live just a few miles from I-65 - specifically, the north end of I-65 just before it hits Lake Michigan.

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Boring fact about me.

Excepting my time at the University of Michigan I estimate I have spent about 95% of my life within 1 mile of a major x0 or x5 interstate(25 70 80 75). I have always lived and slept by one,and consequently shopped and went to movie theaters by one, nearly everyplace I worked was off of one, and my elementary, jr high, and ,high school were near one.

Beat that anybody :slight_smile:

Hi, neighbor!

The last time we traveled east to the coast it was I-40 to Raleigh and then US-64 to Nags Head. Until just now when I was looking at the NC map I didn’t realize that I-40 goes basically due south from Raleigh to Wilmington (okay, it’s more like SSE, but still).

If you live near a section of Interstate that violates the basic rule that the x0 roads go E-W and the x5 roads go N-S, let us know. I have always felt that I-24 is more of a N-S route than an E-W one, (and thus should be an odd numbered road), but it’s a coin flip as to which is closer to the truth.

I’m currently near (loops omitted):

Living in Canada, I’m technically not near any Interstate. However, it is interesting to note that a city street (Scenic Drive) is signed as Alberta Highway 4. If I get on that street and drive south out of town on Alberta 4 (two lanes north, two lanes south with a median in the middle), I end up at the border crossing at Coutts AB/Sweetgrass MT; and if I cross the border and continue south on what used to be Alberta 4, I’m driving on I-15.

Interestingly, the distance signs on Alberta 4 southbound give distances to Great Falls MT, and the distance signs on I-15 north give distances to Lethbridge. Additionally, I-15’s on-ramp at Shelby MT is plainly marked, “I-15 North, Lethbridge.” They may technically be different roads in different jurisdictions, but it sure doesn’t seem that way.

Me too!