If your life were a movie, would it be a...

Romantic Comedy
Low-budget independent
Documentary (a boring one)

So far I have to go with low-budget indy myself.

European art-house snooze-ara, one of those 8-hour epics where nothing happens to people you couldn’t give a rip about.

Yeah…we really peg out the fun-meter around here. :smiley:

Drama. But the drama wouldn’t be mine, it’d be created by those around me.


I’m really sick of dealing with other peoples problems. Honestly-- handle it yourselves. Why do you think I can solve everything? >:-\


Definitely a comedy. I’m a extraordinarily lucky person, because almost nothing has happened to me in my life that was *so * bad I couldn’t find something funny about it.

1930s screwball comedy. Except with way worse timing.


Probably used to show children the dangers of going into science as a field.

Back in the day, it might have made a pretty hot porno.

These days, it’s a depressing low budget indy flick that no one would pay to see.

Low-budget indie.

Mine would be a drama crossed with a black comedy. However, it would be universally panned by the critics for excessive use of cliches and canned dramatic devices.

(alcoholic father, crazy mother, rural upbringing, high school burns down in a blaze of glory, gets into great college, goes to Ivy League graduate school. moves to the big city, marries into a wealthy family, becomes alcoholic, bipolar disorder sets in, things get better, house gets destroyed in a freak storm almost killing one child, next child born with an incredibly rare genetic disorder and dies).

Who writes this shit? I don’t even want to know the rest.

Most likely some kind of Vince Vaughn or Will Farrel movie with cameos by, Steve Carell, Ben Stiller and one or more Wilson brothers.

Tragic comedy, with me as the butt of the joke.

Comedy with long stretches of black seriousness, probably by David Mamet.

Mine would probably be a mix of farce, black comedy, straight drama, and soap opera, sometimes in the same day.

…tragedy? Yes, and it has already been made:

Everything You Wanted To Ask About Sex But Were Afraid To Know.

An episode of Becker, only at a newspaper.