If you're a fan of Ash vs Evil Dead, you man like: "Stan Against Evil".

“Stan Against Evil”, I discovered this little gem on Hulu yesterday.
It’s definitely cheesy, but still not a bad way to waste a lazy afternoon in my opinion.

The show was created by Dana Gould (who I’m a fan of), the show centers on a small town’s retired sheriff. The small town is full of demons, and a begrudging retired sheriff who just wants to sit on his recliner and watch old war documentaries, is forced to play hero and kill all the bad guys (Ash style).
Anyone else seen this?

I haven’t seen it myself but I am a fan of John C. McGinley. I’m going to have to seek this one out.

Yeah, he’s great.

I’m not familiar with Deborah Baker Jr., but she does an awesome job in this series as well.

Love her character.

I love that show! We catch it every once in a while when we get a free trial of IFC.

It’s funny…

I love both shows (this thread reminded me to see if season 3 of AvED is up on Netflix, yet - it isn’t), and the similarities in* their premises* are pretty undeniable, but I honestly don’t see the shows as a whole as all that similar…

The humour is different, the scope of the horror is different, SAE has a sort of low-budget charm, where AvED seems to use a higher budget to great effect…

I enjoyed it. Definitely Ash vs Evil Dead: Lite, but still entertaining.

Both entertaining with excellent leads who don’t take the material too seriously, allowing them to have fun with it.

He plays Doctor Cox on this show, too.

I enjoy “Stan Against Evil” quite a bit. Got every episode on my DVR. Fun stuff!

I really enjoyed the first season of “Stan”; I think Janet Varney has been great in everything I’ve seen her in, and the character of Stan was pretty funny. The second season I thought was kind of hit and miss; some episodes Stan was just a mean asshole (e.g. calling women “whores”) instead of a crusty asshole.

I watched the first few episodes of “Ash vs. Evil Dead”, but it never clicked with me. I don’t think I even chuckled once.

By the way, if you like “Stan Against Evil”, you might also like “Todd and the Book of Pure Evil” (shot in Winnipeg!). It has the same kind of low-budget charm and goofy humour.