If you're following the World Cup...

Who are you rooting for?

I’m England, all the way.

England, for obvious reasons. I have money on South Korea and the Czech Republic, so I won’t be too unhappy if they win.

Not really, but if I were, Australia clearly.

England, as always, as will ever be.

England, obviously.

Want to lose: Germany, Argentina, Italy, France. All for bigoted reasons :wink:
I do like seeing the USA do well, and after today’s match, Ghana have got my support.

England here. I reckon Brazil will win it; England might make third. Peope here seem rather down on England’s chances after the match against Trinidad and Tobago - they were expecting a walkover - but I watched T&T’s match against Sweden and they’re no slouches. I feel it was unrealistic to expect a walkover and England did well: they pushed and pushed, and eventually T&T caved. Unlike the England vs Paraguay match where Ericsson was an utter prat with his second half substitutions.

Croatia, I like the checkerboard uniforms.

I guess I get to be the token Yank in this thread.

Yes, an American following the World Cup. I believe there are seven of us.

So, of course I’m rooting for the USA. Not that I like our chances very much at this point. Still, assuming we can beat Ghana (which is an iffy proposition at this point), we’ve got a fair chance of moving on (and likely getting crushed by Brazil).

I’m English, so I’m committed. (Especially since I watched us win in '66 :eek: ).

But any team that plays like Argentina did (against Serbia + Montenegro) deserves to win.

On a less serious note, I’m watching from a comfy chair and love robotic dance celebrations. Oh yes, I’m a …Crouch Potato! :smiley:

My husband is another one. I introduced him to it, he introduced me to American football. Fair enough exchange, I suppose. He is rooting for the US, though, like you, he believes it is not realistic to believe they will win. He thinks Brazil, Germany, or the Netherlands are good contenders.

America, of course. I’m just going to say that they will go all the way, I’ll just never specify the exact date.

And there are now 9 supporters in the States. I got my best friend to watch some of the matches, and now she loves it, too. She watched the Argentina match and thought “the head thing was cool!” and also watched that recent no scoring one. Not only this, but her little brother watches it with her now, and he is hooked as well In fact, we went outside and we played soccer for over an hour after the U.S. match. I tried to teach him some basics, but so far he mostly just likes trying to chip and kick it really hard.

This was a kid obsessed with baseball, playing all day every day. We are winning the hearts and mind of the Americans!

My exposure to soccer as a child, other than playing the game, came from watching English premier league action on Saturdays. So, I’ll favour the Brits.

England without a doubt.

Congrats on the Americans for holding Italy to a 1-1 scoreline.

Now a question…

Supposing that in one group all games end 0-0 and that the statistics for all 4 teams in that group are identical.
Number of shots on goal, throw ins, corners, free kicks, red/yellow cards etc.etc.
Highly unlikely I know but IF this happened how would FIFA determine which 2 teams progressed to the knock out stages.

Drawing of lots.

Not that unlikely when there are only three games in the group stage - it happened in 1990 to decide second and third places in a group in which Ireland and the Netherlands had the same points and goals for and against. Ireland got second place, but fortunately it didn’t mean the Netherlands were eliminated because third place was usually good enough in that tournament.

I’m supporting England, natch, but otherwise would be happy to see Argentina or Spain or some plucky underdog win it. I’m gradually going off Brazil because of the way British pundits practically have orgasms every time they touch the ball. They’re not THAT good, guys. They had great teams in 1970, and 1982, but otherwise in the World Cups I’ve seen they’ve been no better than any other leading country, overall.

Having family all over the place gives me two underdog teams and one contender to root for.

My underdogs: Japan and the US
Contender: France

Rooting against: England, just because.

Really? you sure about this because it seems a an “unfootballish” way of doing it. :dubious:

I would have thought some sort of play off system or even a penalty competition between the 4 teams involved.

I think the US are currently playing near a big US base in Germany (Kaiserlauten?). Certainly there is a lot of US support in the stadium.

Australia plays Brazil in about 5 hours time.

I am so hoping that all the Brazilian players suffer from some sort of minor seizure about 15 minutes into the game which renders them unable to use their feet for anything but tapdancing.


Hey, I’d watch!

I’m mostly rooting for the underdogs - and after Team USA’s smacking at the hands of the Czech Republic, I think they are technically underdogs :wink: Flodjunior is much more into it than me, he’s supporting the Netherlands, Spain, the US, and Australia.