if you're replacing the "F-word" in an email/Facebook-update, is it spelled "friggin", or "freakin"?

or something else? (maybe “frikkin’”?)

as much as I’m sure we’d all like to use “the real word”, sometimes circumstances call for something a little more “PG-13”, so which one do you guys lean to more?


I prefer friggin’ since it’s an ‘obvious’ substitution. That is, if you say ‘friggin,’ everybody knows what you meant. Whereas freakin’ is just another word at this point…

I use freakin. :slight_smile:

Friggin’, freaking/freakin’, I’ve seen both used. Also, in new nerdspeak (because of battlestar galactica, I think?) “fracking” has become quite popular, even though that’s a word that has a completely different meaning used in oil and gas, as per a quick google search.

I replace the letters with asterisks (f***ing).

Go BSG and use fracking (or Farscape and use frelling)


Ha! Yes, this is my way as well. And to convey my escalating level of anger, with each use of the word, one less asterisk will be used…:smiley:

Friggin’ more often than not. I never use frack or frell. They’re too cutesy.

Fornicating. Or smegging for short.

If I have to use something other than fucking or variant spellings of it, because of concern over the other person’s sensitivities I will either use a synonym (if the actual usage implies sexual congress) or as strong an expletive as the mood requires without resorting to any of those lame “non-words” listed.

If you can’t say FUCK, then fuck it!

Investigate http://www.synonym.com/synonyms/browse/FU/ for some of those alternatives to the “wimp words.”

On the odd case that I would use it: effin

No love for fracking?

Effing and I’m in the UK.


If I have to be a prude, at least let me a geeky prude.

F-ing or effing. The other choices above seem to bowlderized, or ultra-regional, like how people in Utah talk.

All of the above.

Frigging, freaking, fricking, fraking, fragging, flipping, f-ing…

I vote for frak, or frakking. I think that’s the spelling. It’s deliberately a four-letter word just like fuck, and distinct from the original BSG series term frack.

Frelling’s good too, but I rarely remember it.

That’s what I was going to suggest, too, except with the correct spelling for “fraking”.

I just say “fuck”.

I stick some other letter in there, sometimes: fsck; or the asterisk: f*ck. Or I use “smurfin’” in its place.

Oh yeah, sometims “farking” although that has another meaning too.