If YouTube works why not LiveLeak? (i.e. Flash & mobilephone)

I have a non-iPhone, non-Android based cell, a Samsung Flight II, and it plays YouTube videos just fine. But LiveLeak says I don’t have Flash installed and when I click its link to Adobe it just says Flash won’t install on this OS.

But like I said YouTube works and it uses Flash. So what’s the deal?

And in anticipation of remarks, yes, I’ll probably be upgrading to an Android based one in a few months (Screw Apple!)

What kind of phone is it? Could YouTube be using HTML5 or a custom client for your phone instead of Flash?

Youtube uses Flash if it’s available, but doesn’t demand it (that’s why YouTube will also work on the iPad). For platforms without Flash, I think YouTube delivers the content as embedded h.264 or something.

It’s also quite possible that the phone actually has a separate YouTube app that just downloads and displays the video without Flash or HTML5. YouTube was doing that before HTML5 really got going. I know my sister’s Blackberry worked that way.

And, yes, YouTube will send either h.264 or WebM video. (cite)

Yes. This is how YouTube works on the iPhone, which does not use Flash. My older phone, which was not a smartphone, could also deliver YouTube the same way.