If you've enjoyed Iraq, you'll love Iran

CNN reports that journalist Seymour Hersh, who broke the story of Abu Ghraib and who has a sterling reputation for integrity and good reporting, said that the US, not content with its magnificent and conclusive victory in Iraq, is planning for war with Iran.

Despite my respect for Hersh, I can’t credit that the Pubs would be insane enough to contemplate opening a third front when we don’t have enough troops or supplies for the wars we have going on now.

Please tell me he’s making this up. Please, please please.

I thought Syria was next. I swear, I just can’t keep up with this wacky government of ours. Bunch of idiots, they are.

I hope its not so. I doubt it, though, we simply don’t have enough money to go to another war.

I don’t have a lot of respect for the administration, but another war? Nobody is that stupid. This theory has come up a lot. Smells like shyte to me.

Not that stupid. Not that stupid. Not that stupid. No way, that stupid. Not a chance. Unh-uh. Nope. Absitivlely, posolutely not that stupid. So that’s settled. Not that stupid.

Makes reinstating the draft at least a bit more likely doesn’t it? Especially since it’s an administration that doesn’t have to worry about re-election.

Is it even possible for us to invade another country without a draft? Have there been any independant studies or analyses of our military strength that showed we have enough manpower for yet another invasion?

This is the Army Mr. Jones,
No private rooms or telephones,
You had your breakfast in bed before,
But you wont have it there any more.

This is the Army Mr.Green,
We like the barracks nice and clean,
you had a housemaid to clean your floor,
but she wont help you out any more.

Do what the buglers command,
They’re in the army and not in a band.

This is the Army Mr Brown,
You and your baby went to town.
She had you worried but this is war,
and she won’t worry you any more.

Oh, for Pete’s sake, cut the chicanery. You’ve known for nearly three years what was on his agenda.

Never misunderestimate . . .

Yeah, I can remember everyone saying that leading up to Iraq. Sorry, but there’s nothing that’s “too stupid” for these idiots. Of course, they’re comfortable making these decisions because they’re not the ones that will suffer in the reprisals. They’ve got bunkers and bodygaurds. It’ll just be the disposable hoi polloi that get killed in the bombings.

Hey, Bush has his “mandate.” The American people will not only accept this decision, they will like it too!

Shock and Awe 2: Electric Boogaloo

Once again, Bush is a pawn. He’s not smart enough to plan anything.

No way. Not that stupid. See, your problem is you still live in Texas, this makes you pessimistic, I live in Minnesota. You say the glass is half-empty, a Minnesotan will politely point out that you wasted your money, buying a glass twice as big as you needed. See, its all a matter of perspective

Not that stupid. No chance. Fuhgeddaboutit.

Uhm scratches head shouldn’t we have the intelligence to justify the war before y’know we start detailed planning for it.

I, for one, believe Seymour Hersh. He wouldn’t say it if he couldn’t back it up. He is a bright and shining star in journalism.

And for two, “not that stupid” and “current administration” should never be combined in the same sentence.

I’m waaaay ahead of you.

I wonder where they’re planning on getting all these soldiers for another war. cough [sub]draft[/sub] cough Anyone have any ideas? :dubious:

When the draft happens for this new front, I wonder if any of the Pubs will give up on Dubya then? I won’t be holding my breath.

I doubt it. I have a good friend that is a really sweet guy, but still honestly believes W has never, ever ever gone back on one of his promises or lied, and anything you show him to the contrary just won’t even budge him or get the slightest concession. They can rationalize anything, I swear.

I don’t care who you support, unquestionably loyalty even in the face of evidence to the contrary to anyone is just dumb.

"… and this just in, from the Persian Gulf, an Iranian torpedo boat has allegedly attacked an American destroyer in international waters, in the Bay of Al-Tonqueen…