"If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen."

Well, refreshing honesty at least, I suppose.

So, I know quite a few Dopers here have been in business for themselves. How does this make you feel? And is the private sector still doing fine in your books?

There’s a bit of selective quoting in that video.

gets repeated as:

I took “you didn’t build that” to refer to the roads and bridges necessary to conduct the commerce of the business. The second usage makes it sound like he’s saying people didn’t build their own business.

The title of this thread repeats the mistake.

Well from the exact same speech…

I think you’re being very generous in describing it as a “mistake”.

Nobody could read that speach and think that Obama was trying to take anything away from business owners.

It looks more like a deliberate attempt to mislead and obfuscate to me.

Well, it’s late here, and my observations aren’t as trenchant as they ought to be.

I started a reply (small business owner; reliant on the Internet, subsidized student loans, public education, etc.) then realized that the entire premise of the OP is so fundamentally flawed that **this thread should be moved to the Pit **as an example of how malignant Fox News is and to openly mock those gullible enough to hear something egregious on Fox and not instantly suspect selective editing or other chicaneries.

Guess it was the OP that had his true colors shown.

What I find remarkable is that there is never a point, seemingly, at which right-wing people become embarrassed about sharing fundamentally flawed quotes linked to Fox.

If something like the OP happened to me, I would be embarrassed, and would stop going to that source since they are unreliable. Fox viewers never seem troubled by this kind of thing.

Au contraire - I have every confidence Koxinga will be back to offer a revised view now that it is apparent that the linked video inappropriately edited the statement.

Every confidence. Back very soon. Definitely.

I’m sure this will give Romney the same boost that the “cling to guns and religion” quote did for McCain.

I have [del]every[/del] confidence Koxinga will be back to offer a [del]revised[/del] view [del]now that it is apparent that the linked video[/del] inappropriately [del]edited the statement[/del].

Koxinga will retroactively retract this thread. It never happened.

Sorry, but I don’t see where it was edited.

“If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

It seems like a complete statement to me. Where was the context removed from it?

And again, I’m genuinely curious what a small business owner – someone who actually employs ten to 100 people – would think about this statement. Whether the president is referring to infrastructure or to the business itself, the small business owner is clearly being chastised here.

Your original quote implies that people didn’t build their own businesses. The full quote indicates that the business didn’t build the infrastructure that allows their businesses to succeed. Things like roads, bridges, airports, railways, etc, are typically built by government funding, via dreaded taxes.

For starters, from your thread title.

I do think it can be read either way – plausible deniability, if you will – but I’m willing to stipulate, Counselor. But from either angle I think Obama’s getting a bit too excited about the Bain attacks, forgetting that not every business owner is a cigar smoking outsourcing fat cat.

Redirection FTW!

He’s making a point that I’ve repeatedly made here on these boards to counter the idea of the independent success story. America is strong because of Americans and what we have built. We are successful because of all that has been built to give us the environment we have to succeed. All the infrastructure has been built by other people.

How is this chastising anyone?

Do you disagree that America here and now is the product of a whole bunch of people who came before and those who are working together now? Do you hate America?

Ah, the main point reveals itself. Do you believe “people” are equivalent to “the federal government”? In order to “give something back” to that teacher or parent who inspired you in third grade, are you now morally obligated to write a check to the IRS?

(And for that matter, did Al Gore (PBOH) invent the Internet with the aim of helping companies make money off it? Or was APANET funded with the sole intention of making sure that come what may we could still blow the Russkies to kingdom come? Enquiring minds want to know!)