greenslime1951 is snarky and arrogant ...

And is acting like a jerk in this thread in Great Debates.

He manages to add subtle or not-so-sublte insults into almost every post. He accuses anyone who disagrees with him of being a Marxist and hating “eeeeeevil corporations”. No poster, even the ones that may feel that way, has said that in the thread.

He ignores poster’s arguments and refuses to give cites for his claims.

You want some examples, i’ll give you a couple. All quotes are snippets of greenslime’s posts:

(That last one is my favorite, when someone rightfully called him out on his time machine hypocritical bullshit.)

greenslime’s a fucking retard. You should see him in the vietnam war thread - he actually tried to use conservapedia as a cite.

Fucker ran over my dog and never even stopped.

sorry could not help myself.


I particularly liked his “I’ve taken 7 college courses in economics with a 4.0 GPA” technique. That certainly must have convinced some of the rightness of his argument.

Sadly for him, I have a Ph.D. in economics, a 10 inch wang and a supermodel girlfriend. So I automatically win the GISP* contest.

*Giant Internet Swinging Penis

Well, he’s not the worst of the Class of “Join Date July 2012”. He’s obviously found a new toy and maybe someday he’ll learn how to play with it.

cite. pics preferred.

I second the demand for pictures. There’s no way you have a 4.0 GPA.:dubious:

I’d add in the thread where greenslime wants to test before allowing people to vote. In that thread s/he either wants to test for 8th grade skills and/or only allow the top 2% of ‘intelligent’ people vote. (Can’t seem to find the thread now, maybe it was deleted?)

Thats the Giant Penis Analysis rating. And don’t be too impressed. The scale is 1 to 100 :slight_smile:

Found it.

The really funny part part of that thread is that greenslime suggests questions for the civics test and demonstrates ‘knowing’ the wrong answers. greenslime could not pass the proposed test either.

He’s like a Magic the Gathering creature. A green troll that can produce 0/1 Strawman tokens using black mana and a tap. (Not that he would know what any of that means.)

Sounds like common sense to me. (“Vote,” eh? Is that what the kids are calling it now?)

Ding. Next topic.

Another one from the moron:

What I stumbled upon is that companies don’t invest without demand. He ignored it for the entire thread. And of course he is lying about everyone else’s position. No one in the entire thread mentioned raising corporate taxes.

And he thinks his couple of econ classes make him an expert. Given the evidence in the Job Creator thread, his reading comprehension is not so good. Maybe he doesn’t cite because the internet connection in his parents’ basement isn’t any good?

It is pretty common for kids right out of school to think they know everything, but most of them are much more polite about it than Mr. Slime.

I want pics too. Not of the girlfriend.:cool:

I reckon ole Mr. Slime will get himself banned before long, what with all his condescending snark.

If being snarky and arrogant is a pittable offence now, we’re going to need a bigger pit.

Voting is on paper is so nouveau anyway. In my days we had rocks, if you liked one guy you picked up a black rock and if you liked the other guy you got a white rock. Rock the vote we called it. And we were thankful to have it, not like todays generation.