Too many liberals spoil the broth

I’ve recently been given “warnings” for responding in kind when someone calls me an “idiot,” “dumbass,” "jerk, etc. Apparently it’s OK for someone to call me those things but not OK for me to respond.

What’s really going on here, of course, is that the SD is a little clique where the long-time denizens pat each other on the back, beat up on the newbies, and congratulate each other on how terminally wise they are. You are almost perfectly monolithic in your political and social ideologies: you are liberals through and through. Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, if you accept the premise that there may exist other valid points of view. But you don’t.

Perhaps the most telling manifestation of your rigid orthodoxy is that you assume that because I’ve opposed liberal positions/Democrats in my posts here, I must be a conservative. Either-or. Black-white. That’s how you people think.

(I hasten to add that there are some actual liberal thinkers here, and I wonder how you’ve avoided being dogpiled and/or hunted down and killed by the moderators.)

The moderators here love to justify their existence by moving threads, but I wish they would also evenly and fairly apply the rules they profess to so cherish. The old-timers get away with murder; the newbies get flamed and, if they respond in kind, get warnings (and are eventually banned, I presume).

It’s kind of a shame, really, in that you are for the most part (if arrogant and rigidly orthodox), intelligent people, and if you welcomed other points of view into your circle instead of shouting them down, this would be a great forum for discussion rather than the politicized hatefest it actually is.

There’s nothing here for me, and you can interpret that as a manifestation of my own peculiarities rather than any failings on your parts, if you wish. (Nobody thinks anything’s their own fault.)

I do want to leave a parting note for those posters who have responded to me with acid and venom, making characterizations about me that were not only stupidly unwarranted, but also violated the boundaries of civil discourse and common decency:

Fuck you and the ideological horse you rode in on.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot: You citepanzees can go fuck yourself, too. I hope you arrive at an emergency room door in the midst of having a heart attack and the doctor on duty asks you for a citation that you’re actually having one.

Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out…

This is pretty good, actually.

I am so glad I didn’t join in July.


Why, he has us pegged exactly! How he do dat?

Well - you clearly can’t figure out which forum is the correct one to post your threads in - this, for example, would be more appropriately place in the BBQ Pit - due to the angry tone and naughty language and such. Care to try again before the bitter end?

Last night, the ideological horse that I purchased from Ann Romney (for ca$h, so she wouldn’t need to declare the sale on her tax return) was badly injured in a hit-and-run, (the driver was eating a Chick-fil-A sandwich and kind of looked like an Orthodox Jew) and I just can’t afford the vet bills to save him without selling off one of my Faberge Eggs, so I am asking the mods to allow me to open a donation thread in this my Hour of Need…

Obviously greenslime1951 wants to give the mods a chance to justify their existences.

Seriously though, I don’t entirely disagree with the OP.

Well, I hope the Mods won’t need to do anything. He’s announced he’s leaving and he won’t be back, so I guess he’s dropping his “Free Fuck You w/Banning” card here. It would be efficient if things worked like that: issue a blatant “fuck you,” do it outside of the Pit, and announce you’re leaving the SD and not coming back. No need for Mod action at all–neat and clean virtual suicide, all in one post.

I’m truly sorry your posts aren’t as well thought out as you thought they were and more frequent than needed, greenslime1951. Please accept my humblest apologies.


Reported for forum change. :smiley:

What?! How dare you beat up a newbie! :smiley:

Yes it is.

So’s a stopped clock, twice a day.

I think it’s so funny this is in the wrong forum.

Not to worry. The mods almost never issue warnings for that, so he’s safe.

This is (almost) my favorite part. He admits that he’s uniformly opposed left-of-center positions (and in my view, pretty histrionically) but whose fault is it that a reader would conclude from that indication that he’s conservative? The reader’s, naturally. “You people=anyone with a functioning brain,” I suppose.

It’s a deliberate hide behind mommy’s skirt tactic.

Emphasis added. No, he didn’t admit that.

Yeah, he kind of did, in that he didn’t modify his phrase in any way, such “because I’ve sometimes opposed…” or “often” or “usually.” Without modification, it’s reasonable to assume he was copping to taking a conservative position.

Instead of arguing the point semantically, though (it’s a fairly dull point, and we’ve said what we have to say, pretty much) find me one post where he takes a liberal position, and I’ll cheerfully confess to overstating my case.