How To Make Yourself Sound Like the Inhuman Bosbfdsfd

I’m convinced this poster isn’t even human, he’s/she’s/it’s just an out of date algorithm. 9 out of 10 posts contain subject, racist epithet, then the word “liberals” then probably change the subject like your typical Stormfront poster.

Post a line about a faux Doper topic, ANY topic, then think like the pseudo-conservative bsdodfdsgdfsd, and I’ll bet we could all pass off as him/her/it. (No, I’m not bothering spelling his username. Ask his cat how to spell it since that’s who walked over the keyboard when he/she/it registered.)

Here’s some examples:

From "Fuck Governor Mary Falin and Fuck the Death Penalty:

From "Fuck You Rowan County (KY) Clerk Kim Davis:

From "They’re Really Gonna Do It Again. Shutdown 2015!:


Examples (fake posts):
Topic, Lemon Meringue Pie. Do you like it?

As bdsdgdfdsd:
You think all the lemons deserve the same rights as Holocaust “victims”. Typical French-loving liberals.

Topic, Best Way To Microwave a Hot Pocket?

As bdsdgsdgfsjdfs:
You put it in the oven. The true religious do that because they don’t have microwaves like you liberals. LOL! :slight_smile:

Topic, Silly Things You Heard On the Subway.

As bsdgsgdfsdf (whatever the fuck it’s supposed to be):
Yeah, subway liberals will always hear something offensive, especially if it’s something bad about muslims because they’re the bigots.

To get this going, I’ll post the first fake subject line, you guys take it.

Topic,** We Have Reptile Eggs:**
Aaaaaaaand… GO! Be as bsdgsdfhsdfgs as you can! :smiley:

How about “NO?”

I haven’t seen a quote from he/she/it like that so far. You forgot the “liberal” and “racist” terms.

I think you meant: No, it’s you liberals who make it hard for me to get an oil change from the bomb-strapped muslims.

For the We Have Reptile Eggs faux thread:
Reptiles are liberals. They hide their heads the same way.

Something more like that. Sounds much more like bsdfgsdfhsdfsgd.

Actually, its “No, this liberal has already seen that douchenugget get more attention on this MB than could possibly be a good idea.”

We really need to stop feeding it.

Perhaps. But after 100 posts exactly like these, let’s bait he/she/it. Bsdfgsdfsds blindly stated in the SRIOTD thread about “lazy clowns” on welfare. I asked for a response, expecting the typical, “Because they’re (insert race)!” (Nothing yet)

He/she/it floats around just to insert a “This happens due to liberals” response. I’m stating if this outdated algorithm was properly programmed, it would have SOME responses to other threads like, “Yes, I LOVE chocolate chip cookies! All kinds!” Or, “My cat is great at typing too!” kind of stuff. He/she/it isn’t real.

Of course, if I’m wrong, we’ll read some interesting details. Probably something about liberals. :rolleyes:

You know, if some asshat here was to actually get under my skin, the last fucking thing I would do about it, was to publicly declare how butthurt I was over some anonymous fuckhead on the internet burning my ass.

Seriously. It would just encourage them, maybe amuse them, and convince them beyond a doubt that they had scored a direct hit on my sensitive nature. Hell, one could even suspect it would be just to garner attention for me, rather than the evil troll (with a hundred post in a year, oh my).

But hey, each to his own.

I don’t find his/her/it’s rhetoric personally offensive, just hilarious! This thread isn’t about engaging he/she/it, just an exercise in trying to emulate an algorithm, a bot, or maybe Donald Trump. :smiley: I’m sure others may find he/she/it entertaining, but hey, to each his own.

To answer like bsdfdsgfsdf:
Thanks for the liberal support. Your duties aren’t needed here. :smiley:

After a quick look at some postings, the user seems quite human. And obviously a human who dislikes liberal beliefs, and uses sarcasm and some sort of mockery as well. Certainly not a bot or your average troll program.

In fact, the needle like focus and emotional parody, combined with a quick response with a fairly high level of motivated reason, makes it impossible it is some sort of computer code.

From the Controversial Encounters… thread:

Human? Maybe not a bot, but not a troll? A “Fairly high level of motivated reason”? That equals “chimpanzee-like”?

I had no idea there were any supporters of he/she/it. Let’s make this easy for everyone. Here’s all the posts.

If anything, he/she/it is a great example of the lowest level of unmotivated malarkey. How can you find these posts not hilarious? Heck, I’ll bet adaher can’t even stand him!

After reading several of his or her posts this person is clearly of the “pigeon chess” variety. Ignore (in any sense you like).

Stop trying to make bogget a thing.

False flag theory spotted.

Remember: there are plenty of people who believe exactly what the subject of this thread has said. They’re everywhere, and they vote.

Sweet dreams.

You’re so wrong! Actually, the only thing you have wrong is pronoun case in a few places. Everything else is correct, especially about bob the twerp.

I learned a new word today!

Oh, for the good old days when right-wingers on the Interwebbies had 3-digit IQs. Yes, they quoted non sequiturs from Greazey, Slimey & Snide v. Alabama Board of Mental Health 483 U.S. 117 (1975) (Bricker) or claimed to have a proof (too big to fit in an SDMB message) demolishing Braess’ Paradox and the Tragedy of Commons (Sam Stone) but at least they weren’t diarrhetic subhumans like OP’s target.

That’s just what a liberal would say

Only a conservative could think that.

I’ll come down on the side of: this poster should get no attention at all. Just pass over his posts. He’s not even attempting to make any sort of argument, he’s just attempting to be insulting. If his posts draw no response, he’ll get bored and go away.

If I got upset at every idiot who takes pot shots at ideas they don’t like …

Shodan frequently takes partisan potshots at ideas he doesn’t like, and while IMO he’s usually ridiculously wide of the mark I’ve never had the impression he was a moron.

This guy, OTOH, is either poisonous AND stupid beyond belief, or he’s an epic troll. My money’s currently on “poisonous idiot”.