Another Liberal Pitting

Lib, what the fuck is it now? You always alternate between being an annoying dick and a fun, witty poster, so maybe you’re back in your annoying dick cycle, I don’t know. I almost didn’t want to pit you for this, because I’m pretty sure you’re only doing it for the attention anyway, but can you please stop the idiotic random (satirical? If so, you’re doing a shitty job) posts? I’m sure you think they’re clever or amusing (actually, I’m never sure what the fuck you think, so I shouldn’t say anything regarding your posts with such certainty), but they’re not. They’re fucking stupid. What am I talking about? Well, Let’s look at your last seven posts. Maybe this is some kind of in-joke I’m not privy to, but I imagine even if it is I wouldn’t be laughing. Look, man, for better or worse, everybody here knows you. You don’t have to try so hard to make an impression anymore. Just cut the shit and get back to posting in your human guise. You can actually be pretty entertaining when you want. Not in these instances, though. And for the love of Christ, please don’t respond to this with more incoherent anomic-teen-poetry-magnet crap, lest you tempt my wrath further.

You’re this upset because Liberal posted a few necessarily veiled attacks on **CarnalK **and some other flowery, abstract prose?

Well, like I said, if they’re “veiled attacks” on some poster, it didn’t come across - and even if it did, it ain’t amusing. Also, if it’s so “necessary” to veil the attacks, why can you just come out and say it? I’m fully aware he’s up to something I don’t quite get (which is annoying in itself, as most in-jokes are), but he could at least make it entertaining or, barring that, vicious.

And yeah, flowery, abstract prose is always pittable, IMO.

In themselves, those were some ace posts. There were like… deep man.
I’ll have to read the context before expressing an opinion on Liberal at this time.

They almost read like Haikus or Zen Koans

Jesus, don’t encourage this shit.

Is it August already?

You gotta admit, this one rolls off the tongue nicely:

ETA: Yep, exactly:

I dunno…they seemed to me to be like Hemingway on bad acid. That said, I have no strong feelings about Lib either way. He seems to have his rough patches, and his mellow patches. As do we all.
He’s just more articulate than most when he’s acting like an asshole, so it stands out more.

Like a flock of geese floating in a river of piss, the highwayman gleefully masturbates into the mouth of the cocker spaniel. Fountains of blood. A rain of scotch whisky.

Lib is an attention whore. The dreaded verdana font issue, this latest stunt. Since I don’t consider him a troll, I’ll go for excentric, but do not feed the part of him that is an attention whore.
In short: Let it go.

Yeah? I say he’s concentric. So what does that make him? An ex-con?

Maybe he’s just pissed off he didn’t win the Bullwer-Lytton Contest, so he’s practicing his bad opening sentences for next year.

A live implosion?

Admit it, you ripped that off from the unpublished notes of Charles Bukowski, you plagiarizing bastard!


So, a good result, right?

[Bill Bailey]You showed me the beauty of the things that I had never seen.
Like a snowflake that melts on the eyelash of a startled deer.
Or the painting of a dog that wears a deerstalker and smokes a pipe that made you laugh so heartily, but I had previously thought was rubbish.
Or the duck that lands so clumsily on a frozen pond in winter but the intoxicating power of our love transforms this simple act into an anthropomorphic drama where Mr. Duck’s embarrassed and the other ducks are laughing (quack quack quack quack quack).

And I have died a thousand deaths and I will die a thousand more!
I thought you were an angel - you turned out to be a whore!
And everything has turned to dust! Everything is infected with the plague!
Why did you have to sleep with Craig?
“Oh he’s so sensitive, he’s got a tattoo.”
Yeah, carving your name with a compass in my forehead was not enough for you!
The snow flake on the eye of the dear has turned to puss that oozes from an open wound.
The deer now blind it stumbles into a ravine.
The duck lies shredded in a pancake, soaking in the hoisin of your lies.
The dog has moved from the pipe to 60 cigarettes a day, and coughs away his life in the cold neon research lab of your betrayal.
Of your betrayal![/Bill Bailey]

wipes away tear Beautiful.

He seems kind of bummed out to me.

Hey Lib , buck up man! I really got nothing for other than a few prayers from one of the worlds biggest sinners. Comin’ atcha brother~

Oh yeah, you know Jesus never looked down on whores, don’t you?

Me neither. Their just like you and I. Trying to make their way in a hard ass world.

Peace be with you.

you misspelled “tuesday”

The selection on the OP is actually pretty good. Entertaining, at the very least. Maybe some of them appropriate if I read the context.

Well the ones from the “does everything happen for a reason?” thread are nothing more than random words strung together. I don’t know about the other examples given.

Like being teabagged by a mourning dove on a jaguar ride over the heath.