Liberal, you dickwad hypocrite - Part 2

As the other thread was disappeared due to sockage, that doesn’t mean we have to stop the pitting.

To quote:

So kids, here ya go.

Please continue where you left off.

Liberal, you dickwad hypocrite.

Well, since I’d already put the hamsters to work in search of the pertinent links, might as well post this reply:

Not sure how much time you want to devote to that whole clusterfuck, but if you’re interested it starts about here and branches out into a Pit thread of its own. Or if you want to cut through the chase, this is the Apocalyptic Post Of Impending Doom.

Personally, I no longer give shit what Lib decides to do with his addiction to dramaposting nor the forums he chooses to display his work.

He’s right after all. We’re indeed closer to death after each and every post we read or write. Never mind those of us that suffer from the dreaded Acute Wallet Depletion Syndrome. :cool:

I had a really good comeback for that ‘throw a cinderblock at Jack’s penis’ thing too.

He’d make a great structural engineer what with all of the rebuilding of bridges that he’s burned. It’s been the same pattern for years.

  1. Get frustrated with a message board because people are calling him on his shit.
  2. Post that he’s leaving forever because the staff and membership are a bunch of assholes.
  3. Go to a new message board.
  4. Repeat the process and leave for yet another new message board or just go back to a previous one.

I’ve been around for over eight years. I can recall three times that he’s done it here, once at a different place years ago and twice at yet another place just recently. We’ll have another one of these Pit threads in a few months to a year or so. It’s like the changing of the seasons.

See, this is why indiscriminate thread-deletions are a bad thing. You lose the whole train of thought.

::Lobs a cinderblock at JB’s penis area::

There you go. Back on track. :stuck_out_tongue:

Context is missing. The magic is gone. At this point I might actually welcome a cinderblock to the junk.

Having dealt more than once with patients who had sustained significant genital trauma (not a few self-inflicted), I really have to say that your welcome would most likely be quite short-lived.

But hey, go with what works.

Damn! That’s it, I’ll never post again. That way I will live forever.

I’m leaving the boards forever, 'cause you guys are killing me.

I’d like to suggest that the mods undisappear that thread. It had a lot of good stuff to it, from my blunt and in depth analysis of how Liberal is crazy as fuck, to my screamingly hilarious suggestion that someone throw a cinder block at Jack Batty. I also called Invisible Wombat a nutsack.

There aren’t many message boards on the Internet where you can get quality discussion like that…

Who’s sock?

Actually, Giraffe, that post was one of the best explanations of Liberal that I’ve ever seen around here. Shame to lose it, for sure.

Yeah, couldn’t somebody have unraveled the thread from the sock?

Now that no one can see it, I’d have to agree. It was quite possibly the most insightful thing ever written on the Internet. Truly, I should be revered as a god.

Since I’m apparently the only other person who saw it, I will totally back you up on that.

And I believe I referred to Liberal’s leaving as the one and only good thing to have come from the Recent Unpleasantness.

[sub]OK, you held up your end of the bargain. I’ll give you back your kitty, safe and unharmed.[/sub]

What’s weird is that no-one remembers his other, equally gross bit, where (because he didn’t get to be the judge in a popularity contest), he “stoop(ed) so low as to dig up their dead brothers corpse in order to butress” another failed argument.

And you did it in such a clever and appropriate way, too.