In recognition of Liberal

I must say that, although you and I have had some minor differences in the past, I have always admired you ever since your famous meltdown thread. I probably would have admired you sooner had I known about you. I’ve seen you report several times that earth is not your planet of origin, and yet your understanding of it rivals most land animals. Your taste in women is irrelevant, as I don’t like to bash anyone’s significant other. But I’d just like to thank you for your continued lunacy in the face of adversity. There is no kookiness without stupidity; were a man not stupid, then his act would not be kooky. You rightly differentiated between kissing a mod’s ass and puffing up your own already inflated self-importance. You got an entire thread shut down just by being you! Your 50+ posts a day despite your distaste for reality is refreshing. Thank you, and I’m sure that others have Liberal stories to share. Here’s to you. […tink…]

Yes, this is a parody of this big fat puckering up.

Wow. Way to be a fuck.

I mean, I understand that you don’t like him and all, but to shit on a really nice, kind, and genuine post just takes a big, big person.


You know, it seems hardly a day goes by where Liberal doesn’t post something that deserves a pitting. And what do we get? One thread about his screen name, and one thread about how he likes a mod too much.

I mean, what the fuck?

Wow. I’m with andros. What a whiny, petty little prick!

Not enough to hold a seething grudge against some stranger you know only from an internet message board, you have to piss on his attempts to be nice to someone else in a completely unrelated thread. Which part pissed you off more, that he’s “sucking up” or that he’s posting somewhere else instead of paying attention to you?

I agree with Miller. Lib has made tons of interesting (read: pit-worthy) remarks (atoms don’t exist?). This was not one of them.

You know his name’s not Literal, right?

I’m on leander’s side. I think Coldfire seems like a good guy, and does a great job of modding, but there was something smarmy and almost condescending about Lib’s little love-fest of a post. Hard to put my finger on it. I almost had the feeling he was trying to buy some insurance against being mod-slapped during some future meltdown.

In the grand scheme of things, of course, neither post matters very much, since it’s all incestuous (i.e., bearing no relationship to the world outside of the SDMB extended and frequently dysfunctional family).

Speaking of reality:

LiberalTotal Posts: 16,827 (9.86 posts per day)

That’s not even up to Q.E.D.'s standard: Total Posts: 9,961 (17.78 posts per day)
much less 50 a day!

Strange…I read your first few sentences and thought you were serious. You see, I hadn’t seen the thread you linked to, but I did notice that the posts I have seen by Liberal lately have been very good. I didn’t know why you put it in the pit…but, whatever, I was right there with you. Then I read the rest of the post–and wondered what you were going on about–Ah! I see it’s a parody. Heh…HILarious…I guess. That’ll teach him to be nice.

I suppose you like it better when he’s being an asshole?

Squink, your vocabulary word for today is “hyperbole.” :wink:

It certainly seems more genuine!

Point taken.

Yes, Liberal’s post had a certain ass-kissy quality to it…but, whatever. Not worth opening a thread to bitch about it. Leander, if it bothers you so much, find a moderator to perform fellatio on so that you can catch up to him. You are jealous about him getting more moderator brownie points aren’t you? That is what this is about, right? Otherwise, I haven’t a clue as to why you started this thread.

I’m rooting for you, sweetie.

You must’ve been dying to do something like this. Was it as good as you had hoped?

AFAIC, the fact that some people found the pro-Clogboy OP to be smarmy, self-serving, ass-kissing, or condescending reflects much more on them than on Lib.

Shouldn’t we give people the benefit of the doubt if they pay somebody a compliment?

I think Lib can be mercurial and unpredictable but I haven’t found him to be smarmy or ingratiating in a dishonest way. In my experience Lib has not shied awy from telling other posters- even mods- what he really thinks about them. I have also found that he can be unpredictably and unaccountably nice on occasion. He has done so with me. I think that he just has his “own process” as they say. It just seems like he will take a liking to someone once in a while for whatever reason. What makes sense to him doesn’t necessarily make sense to everyone else (and I don’t mean that in a bad way), but I don’t think he’s any more insincere because of that.

Another vote for ‘unfunny’, misplaced attempt to parody or petty.

a) If you think the original thread was just a “really nice, kind, and genuine post”, then you’re either naive or an idiot. Just see Coldie’s original post.

b) Lib’s been posting like a madman lately, both literally and figuratively. I just did a quick search on today and found 65+ posts.

c) His constant polluting and hijacking of threads is incredibly annoying. It seems one can’t go anywhere without seeing another crazy Lib tangent.

d) I’ve said it before, Coldfire is IMHO one of the best damn mods around. But you still wouldn’t find me with my nose forcibly stuffed up his anus.

e) Yes, it was fun.

leander, you put the ass in class.

Leander, thank you for your concern, but we are mostly adults here and do not need you to defend us from the madness that is Liberal. You might want to consider finding something else to do. Thanks again, but really, you’ve done quite enough.

Thanks, sparky. I appreciate your input, and will treat your opinion with the kid gloves it deserves.

So fucking what? I’ve taken as much as four months completely off, and at times have posted 20 times a day. Oh, but wait, I’m naive. Or an idiot.

Oh, for fuck’s sake. “Polluting” threads? With what? His opinion? Love Canal fill? Fuck, put him on ignore and quit your whining.

Yeah, most of them from people taking random potshots whenever he says anything. Real slick.

Er, except for just now, you mean? :rolleyes:

You’ve decided Lib was being insincere. Good on ya, I’m proud of you. But before I believe it’s anything more than a bug up your ass about him, I’ll need to see some legitimate evidence of insincerity.

Or is the real problem that perhaps you really do believe that Lib was being sincere and unpreposessing, and that his candor and expressiveness makes you uncomfortable?

I’m sure it was. I never enjoyed being a dick for kicks myself, but to each his own.