Code_Grey, quit spamming GQ with Bullshit

As I type this, you have an even dozen threads on the first page of GQ. Nobody needs that many threads in such a short time. Most of those threads seem deliberately provocative. I’d suggest you participate in other threads, but you’ve shown that you’re just too stupid to contribute anything of value. Instead, I suggest you send your computer to Israel so the cops can shoot it and put it out of its misery. Read more, post less. You might learn something. I doubt it, but I suppose it’s possible.

If you didn’t pay for Code_Grey’s membership on the board, then why do you think you can dictate to him how often he can post? I drive my car as often as I want because I paid for it.

On another note.


Total Posts: 145
Posts Per Day: 0.39


Total Posts: 6,086
Posts Per Day: 4.72

Gee, Wesley, that shows about as much insight as most of your posts. You’re a close second to Code_Grey on my list of morons. Together, you two could be the World Tag Team Champions of Ignorance.

The guy has 145 posts and has started 51 threads last I checked.

I dunno, a quick skim of the OPs on the front page made them seem like fairly interesting questions to me. People who join recently tend to have a dam of pent up questions which they get out in their first few weeks, then they settle into a more regular pattern. Give the dude a break.

OP:You actually pay attention to who is asking the questions in GD? Why? The point in there is to answer questions.

Wesley: If you don’t think the OP can tell someone how to post, you shouldn’t be telling the OP what they should post, either.

Shalmanese: I’ve never seen such a good rebuttal to a Pit OP.

I think the guy is just curious, and besides, he is asking questions I can answer! Maybe people will learn something from all of this.

Clearly, he’s curious, but he’s also a jackass, considering he suggested that a for-profit hurricane evacuation company could haven taken IOUs and tracked down NO residents for their income from welfare or drug dealing.

He’s not a new poster; his join date is Dec 2008. So the “he’s just getting it out of his system” defense doesn’t fly.

Plus, he seems to have a tenuous understanding of when to capitalize, so I vote “settle down,” also.

I got that computer shot reference. 3 holes in fact.

He certainly has a lot of posts in GQ which I’ve noticed. It’s almost impossible to notice. They do all seem to be on the border of can I get a reaction from people and more of a collection for MPSIMS.

Probably just listens to too much right wing talk radio, like ralph124c41+. He’ll calm down once the war on Xmas is over, or Obama passes the fairness doctrine.
I’m looking forward to his “If CO2 is really a plant fertilizer…?” question.

I’m with Oakminster. Asking about whether an emergency evacuation service is feasible? No problem. Arguing strenuously that the company could collect IOUs and then pounce upon people who’ve just lost everything in the natural disaster? Idiot.

I agree from what I read. Most of them are good questions. Reading the homeless shelter one, and would like to know how he responds to some of the point others are making. Is he someone who’s really ASKING in that he wants answers and will concede, or does he feel as if he has the answers and is trolling to push agendas. If they’re good questions, I don’t mind who they’re from.

(I didn’t read that much, just skimmed)

If he’s new, he might need a genital pitting to help him feel more at home, and understanding of the type of place this is.

On that note, I post twice in a row WAY too often…
I’m working on it. :slight_smile:

All but 8 of his posts have been in the last 6 weeks. And he seems ignorant but curious. He conceded in the Katrina thread that his ignorance was fought after getting to understand what other people were saying.


Ya know, most people tend to lose interest in Ayn Rand when they graduate from college.

I think posting complete bollocks in GQ is more worthy of the pitting than opening all the different threads.

Perhaps we are looking at the flowering of another exception that proves the rule:

No opinion on Mr. Grey either way, but…

Ha ha ha! Imagining his computer looking like this makes me laugh quite a bit.

Something tells me Code_Grey isn’t quite of Greenspanian caliber.

Damn vagaries about personal insults