IFC Greg the Bunny episode guide?

Does anyone know whether there’s an episode guide available for IFC’s Greg the Bunny parody short films? I saw one recently and I had no idea what movie it was parodying – had something to do with a single father taking care of a sick baby and then killing it.

There are episode guides for all TV shows: http://epguides.com/GregtheBunny/

Talk about something that missed its market – that should have run for ages on Adult Swim.

Epguides lists only the episodes for the half-hour sitcom series made for Fox. It doesn’t have the information for the IFC shorts.

I loved that show, but don’t get IFC so I’ve only seen what was aired on network TV and included on the DVD set. Are the IFC episodes as good?

They’re not really “episodes” as such. They’re just short parodies of 5 to 10 minutes. They pretty much only feature the puppets (Greg and Warren mostly) acting out scenes from a famous movie. Sometimes other puppets are featured (especially Blah). Humans rarely make it in, although there were several “IFC executives” killed in the parody of “Natural Born Killers.”

Here’s IFC’s official Greg the Bunny page. There’s no episode guide that I know of; there haven’t been more than a dozen new “episodes” since they went back to IFC, though.

By the way, the episode you’re talking about was a parody of David Lynch’s Eraserhead.

Thanks, jackelope.

So what was the one in which Greg ran into a childhood TV idol (Blah), became friends, and was then robbed?

FWIW they’re releasing Greg the Bunny: Best of the Film Parodies in October.

I’m not sure, actually. I think it was more an excuse to parody the old B-movie horror flicks that were shown in flashback in that episode (if I correctly recall the one you’re talking about). The makers are pretty loose about the parodies, and don’t really stick to one specific target if it doesn’t suit them; note the brilliant pan-shot that parodies Kubrick, as Greg and Warren are chopping up the bodies in the bathtub in the “Natural Born Killers” episode.

And by the way, this used to be the official Greg the Bunny site: www.gregtbunny.com

It’s been out of commission every time I’ve checked it lately, but it maay come back up; someone named Daniel Milano still has the domain registered, anyway.

I just saw the parody of “Auto Focus” pretty hilarious.