ignorance is sin

Hello Mr. Cecil,

Every one in the masses is really influenced by your works, God
protect you! I have some question that when we learn something or
when humans experience something and when we see thing like faces of our
friends we memorized them…every notes that we read , regards every
thing in this universe that encounter us we only to do the first is
memorize or learn it… then we take respective actions…
My question is (1);‘WHERE IS our first and foremost action that is MEMORIZING or
LEARNING something is located or see ‘? The initial step to learn from our
previous for future propagation is located where? If you say that our
memory is located in our brain the main part of central nervous system.
That is located on the top anterior of the body inside the tough cage
skull; regarding deeply that it is in cerebrum of brain or in sub-conscious
state of brain,in the brains major portion covering part that is
cerebrum… Or any other part of brain then (2) can you show me surgically by
cutting that particular part where memory is situated can you expose me a
persons memory/ his knowledge of any kind from his particular part of the
brain? Without taking any assistance of any six senses of persons
– if you hit and trial proofing the
position of our memory , our thoughts in brain by cutting procedure that
if we remove a mans brain or cerebrum he cant think or have no past memory
so this proves that memory is located in that particular place . Then I will
answer that there is a division of labor between body organs and parts so
there in brain as well. Removing any other part other than that memory
located part can affect the concept of memory. even a single trauma
injury at head can duplicate that effect besides removing any four sense
(like sense of sight , hear, touch or taste , smell) at a time of a man
that is not positioned to your head hampers the process of past and
future memory .so my question is again that (3) where is the memory located
not that the location of things/parts that assist memory to do its work?
.if you are showing me the brain you are actually exposing me the location
of assisting organ of memory like cerebellum where is actually the term memory
is itself located ? and of course not the location of its helping organ! can we cant positioned or see our memory as no one in the world see any bodies memory or his or its memory by cutting the brain as you know humans really believe on what they see as every body is not a blind follower … (4) is that the thing we only see is our body or brain organs not memory? If that so then (5) can we have to redefine the definition of the word ‘locate’ or ‘see’?
or the question; ’ our first and foremost action that is MEMORIZING or
LEARNING something is located or see where’? is answer less or (6) can you consider this question wrong! If you or we cant answer than we are oblivious of our and our predecessors or our descendants common or daily routine action that is to memorizing or recalling that is being done from thousands of years ago ’ is actually a place less or expose less things’ ? (7) how our memorizes look like what their shape is is that abstract things have no place of their own no shape to adopt or is that we cant see any bodies memory even after his death ? how the concepts of demons or virtual spirits or souls their visit to world/ encountering humans their revenges as our religious circumstances enforced us be fortified ? as you know that souls lack a body so that their is no possibility of any brain as well …loll (8) WHY THERE IS NO SHAPE OF ABSTRACT THINGS, IF MEMORY IS ABSTRACT?
if you cant answer my question quite satisfactorily that where is our first and foremost action that is MEMORIZING or
LEARNING something is located or see or how it looks like ? then ( 9) how can we fight with ignorance?
please Mr.Adam Cecil I really honor you from the bottom of my heart anxiously waiting for your reply as early as possible…thanks again to you and your praise worthy team members for you consideration…

yuzarsif, welcome to the Straight Dope Message Boards.

You posted this in a forum that was intended for Chicago-related topics, so I’m moving it here. Please be aware that Cecil gets dozens of questions each week, and can only answer one in his weekly column. We regret that we don’t have the staff or resources to respond to each question personally. By posting here, you should get some input from the other members of our Message Boards, and this may generate an interesting discussion.

I also need to say that your question is somewhat long and rambling, so I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking? However, I think your question boils down to: what are learning and memory?

I believe this boils down to:
If memory is in the brain, and if If I can memorise a chair
Why can’t we cut open my brain and find the chair?


We have fluent speakers of many languages here. Perhaps you could try to post your questions in your native language – it may help us determine what you are trying to ask.

Ok; first, quite bogarting that thing and pass it this way! You’ve obviously had it long enough. :smiley:

I believe that one thing you are stating/asking (it’s hard to separate them from your writing style, really) is would a disembodied brain be able to know or learn about light, smell, touch and so on? No it wouldn’t, you cannot separate the brain from it’s inputs because they evolved to do just that, provide the brain with information to process. But just because a stand alone brain in bell jar is incapable of learning on it’s own dosen’t mean that memories are not stored there. That’s actually the function of the brain; to store things . . i.e. memories. The fact that it needs other organs to provide it information does not take away from that.

I’ll now pass along whatever it is we are smokling onto the next poster.


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