Ignorant Douches Who Get Japanese (or other) Tattoos

Per this OP, dude this guy’s tatts will have more substance/merit than yours. Why on earth get a tatt that you don’t/can’t understand?

You seem unreasonably worked up over this.

Well, yes.

It seems the other OP started a thread with the hopes of gaining understanding before committing to the tattoo. Once the symbol is understood by the other OP, the point of your OP is moot, at least as far as the other OP is concerned.

Otherwise, why get all worked up about what other people do with their own bodies?

I’ll let the Yakuza know they are all ignorant douches. Where can I tell them to direct their reply?

What are all those lines and numbers in the background for? :smiley:

I don’t get this OP, though. The guy in GQ was specifically trying to make sure he did understand what the kanji meant and wanted to get it right.

I think all tattoos are stupid and trashy but I mean really how more fucking unoriginal and cliche can you get than a Japanese character tattoo, have some fucking originality.

Wouldn’t it be fun to see someone try to render one from a “tongue-click” language, using a word or phrase that involved tongue clicks?

! yes.

I gotta agree with the OP. Getting a Japanese character tattooed on your body is going to suggest to others that you have some knowledge or understanding of Japanese culture and/or language. The Pittee obviously has no such knowledge or connection, so the point, unless I’m missing something major, is to mislead others into thinking he does. I can only see this as an attempt to gain some kind of cultural cachet or mystery by pretending to be something he’s not.

This is also known as “being a poser.”

I agree that it’s anti-cool to get that tattoo because the concept is so over-done. It also may cause one to be deemed a poser and subjected to appropriate ridicule and mockery. Perhaps the other OP should consider a tribal arm band instead. :wink:

This OP just seems a bit too bent out of shape over the whole thing.

Meh, is just a pet peeve. Tatts are only kosher if you are in the armed services, otherwise, as stated above, “poser.” Chicks with tatts are even worse IMHO.

Yeah right. Maybe 10 years ago it would. Nowadays it’s just going to draw flak from folks like you who actually give a shit about what someone’s tattoo means.

I disagree that all tats are for posers unless military. For example, my wife (non-military) has tats, but she got them for her own enjoyment, not to impress others. In fact, she just got a new (unique) tat on her back, and I’m the only one who ever sees it. She is far from a poser, IMHO.

What the fuck? What the fuck? Why get a tatt if it doesn’t matter what it means? Goddamn.

Sorry fella, chicks with tatts/piercings are teh lame. Nothing personal.

Hey, tatts are just fine if you ever decide to join the Yakuza.

How about “None of your fucking business?”

Because the owner thinks it looks nice, perhaps? There are a million possible reasons. Why do you care so much?

Idiot. Idiot. You inject something expressly designed to be seen by us into your skin and then walk amongst us, that makes it our business. Good christ, idiot.