"Ignorant person" and "quit talking out of your ass", OK in MPSIMS?


(shortened by me, full version at the link above)

…doesn’t qualify as “insulting other posters” in MPSIMS, as per the rules sticky (or the one in ATMB)?

I reported this when I noticed it, probably shortly before my post at 10 a.m. It’s my understanding that “that’s an ignorant argument” and such are acceptable, but “ignorant person” seems to be pretty clearly attacking the poster and not the post. I’m not sure of the status of “talking out of your ass” in MPSIMS (well, people do it frequently, to be sure, but calling them out on it, in those terms, is what I don’t know about).

“You’re obviously ignorant.” may or may not have been an insult in IMHO as recently as this morning (scroll down to the exchange between dumbroad and Ellen Cherry in posts 44 and 45). Possibly not ok in ATMB. C K Dexter Haven seems to say that “You are ignorant” would be considered an insult here, and it’s somewhat clearly labeled an insult in ATMB by Frank here.

Also, in the interest of full disclosure, I admit my “I suggest you tone it down a bit in MPSIMS, but that’s only my opinion” may be junior modding (though I think it’s pretty clear I was responding to a perceived insult). For that, I earned a “shaddup” and another round of insults. If it’s not cool to point out what forum we’re in to try and rein the discussion back from being personal, I apologize in advance.

Calling someone ignorant implies that they are unaware of some fact or other. All of us are ignorant about many things – I, for instance, am profoundly ignorant on molecular biology, professional sports, and Etruscan history. Calling someone ignorant is different from calling someone stupid.

The guy, who’s had serious problems with his kid, got pissed off at another poster’s ignorance. After receiving your report I read the post and skimmed the thread leading up to that post. It just didn’t seem that bad to me (and still doesn’t), and I decided it didn’t really call for moderator action, so I didn’t act.

I perhaps could have emailed you telling you that, but I didn’t, because I was at work and had already spent ten minutes in the middle of a busy day looking at this.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

You seem to be implying that being “pissed off” is some kind of aa justification.

I don’t believe that Inigo’s post was appropriate for MPSIMS.

Not per se, but modding is a matter of judgment, and I took the circumstances into consideration.

And that is all I have to say about this incident; I didn’t see it as necessary to admonish him and I still don’t.

Thank you for sharing.

So if you’re pissed off, you can bend the rules. Awesome. I’m sure that’ll come in handy.

How dismissive of you.

You’re welcome.

Circumstances understood, that post requires asking Inigo to dial it back. Y’know, if it’s OK to post like that in MPSIMS for one poster, then it’s OK for all of us, because we all get pissed off now and then.

Or, one can refrain from doing something felt to be wrong, even though someone else seems to have gotten away with it, because ethics and/or morals should be personal, not situational.

Which is why I didn’t respond in kind (I even expressed agreement with part of his post in my response), but reported it and later, when I got no response, asked about it here. Though according to twickster, because I was pissed off by Inigo Montoya’s blatant insults, I would have been justified in barging ahead, apparently.

I still think your better nature would have come through…as it does for a great majority of Dopers. That’s one of the big reasons people stick around, IMHO.

[li]Listen, ignorant person.[/li][li]I suggest you quit talking out of your ass…[/li][li]People like you simply don’t get it.[/li][li]Shaddap.[/li][li]…your opinions, while yours, do not mesh with reality.[/li][li]I suggest you get off your high horse when you don’t have a clue what you’re on about.[/li][li]…to spout drivel the way you’re doing only demonstrates that you don’t have a clue…[/li][li]You are, therefore, ignorant and should attempt to learn rather than defend your ignorance. [/li][/ul]
In MPSIMS. You’re really saying those things are all just fine and dandy?

One could. But I certainly would (and apparently will, if I’m pissed off) feel free to use “ignorant person” and “talking out your ass” in MPSIMS if I thought it was allowed.

C’mon, Czarcasm, you and I have both spent time trying to tone down threads in IMHO in order to maintain the tone of the forum.

It wasn’t a problem 99 44/100% of the time-most people behave not because they have to, but because they want to.

Frank, Czarcasm, let me point out that neither of you is currently a moderator, so neither of you gets to vote on my moderation.

Garfield, though I really don’t have a problem with the post you reported, the subsequent posts – which weren’t there when you reported that single post – are definitely escalating things.

My response: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?p=13221897&posted=1#post13221897

They are still allowed to discuss it though, right?

'course, they were there when I made this thread (linking both offending posts) and when you made your reply saying you still didn’t think it was a problem.

Still, thanks for trying.

I apologize if it seemed as if I were commenting on your moderation-I was trying to comment on the posters themselves based on previous experience.

Gosh, I guess I will just shut up then, if constructive criticism is no longer allowed. But if the back-and-forth opinions of two former moderators who are disagreeing on your moderation is of no interest to you, perhaps you’re in the wrong job.

I can’t imagine how you would have done when moderator criticism was in the Pit. Yes, I can: you would have ignored it, just as you do in ATMB, only in a more absolute sense of ignoring.

Czarcasm, Inigo did not want to behave, wasn’t behaving, and was not discouraged from not behaving. Because he was pissed off. That tells other posters, “That’s cool.” I have a problem with moderation that indicates such.

While I think this is good advice for how people should strive to behave in order to be good people who are generally pleasant to be around, I think it’s pretty useless in a discussion of how rules should be enforced. Because fair enforcement demands that the rules are applied evenly to all, so the question “if person A is allowed to do that, can I do that as well?” is a relevant hypothetical, even if the person asking it would not actually choose to emulate person A’s bad behavior.

And preemptive apologies to twickster for opining in her presence. You’re still super powerful with tons of authority and stuff.

Is this an ex-moderator convention, or is it open to the general public? :slight_smile:

I thought the rule was attack the post, not the poster - neither of those comments pass that standard.

This is giving license to Mods to apply rules, warnings, admonitions, etc. purely on the basis of favoritism–you can get away with saying “Fuck you, cuntface” because you’re pissed off and because a Mod has a friendly relationship with you, and I’ll get warned for asking “I beg your pardon? I don’t understand what the heck you’re saying” because a Mod holds a grudge against me. That’s what comes from a “personal” application of the rules and, de facto, seems to be what IS happening around here for the past few years, hence my disgruntlement.