Ignorant racist dicks

Now, some may say I am a bad guy after reading this, but I feel no remorse.
This evening, I went to the grocery store for some stuff, and as I was about to get in my car, I noticed next to me was a mother and her two children. By the mother’s clothing, it was obvious they were of an Arab descent. I smiled at her as she was loading her kids and groceries into the minivan. As she was doing so, a car with three young guys in it pulled up, stopped their car, and leaned out the window. I didn’t hear what they said at first, but they threw a cup full of soda all over her minivan, and I heard them yelling things like “camel jockey”, “rag heads” and other bullshit like that. The woman was trying to ignore it, but they kept at it.
I got sick enough to my stomach to approach their car, and before the driver knew what was going on I reached in a grabbed the keys from the ignition.
Now, I am no small guy, so the kids weren’t about to do anything physically to me. I told them they would get their keys back when they got out and apologized to the woman. At first the two passengers looked scared out of their minds, but the driver was stubborn. When I added that I would keep the keys and call the police, they gave in, and got out. They were trembling as I could see, and they half-heartedly apologized. The woman, very embarassed by the scene, got in her van and left.
When the kids got back in their car, I told them to get their “fucking racist asses” out of there. I proceeded to throw their keys across the lot, got in my car and left.
Little fuckers. Their parents should be locked up for not teaching some respect. Fucking ignorant dicks.

You rock, they deserved that and alot more.

Good job…

You, sir, are a HERO.

To clarify, this is the first time I have ever done anything like that. Those fucks just made me see red. My only concern was what the woman was thinking.

I’m OK with it, but you might want to check your post/sig irony ratio.

Hells yes! Score one for the good people. I like the humimiation of the kids. Damn teenagers.
[sub]soming from someone who is 16…[/sub]

I think he has an out because they threw stuff all over her car.

You did the right thing. Those punks deserved to be treated far worse than what you did. I betcha they won’t do that again.

You give them too much credit. If they learn anything it’ll be to look around to make sure there isn’t anyone who might disagree with them. Or they’ll only do it when there are more of them.

I do agree those kids deserved a serious reality check. Preferably in the form of an ass whoopin.

Good for you, gtzaskar00.

As for the sig…there’s a difference between defending a rightfrom government encroachment and being willing as an individual to put up with shit. It’s like Fred Phelps–I support his right to free speech, but when somebody finally has enough and wastes him I won’t be helping hunt down the killer.

Good job.

I’ve always wondered when one man’s freedom of speach becomes another persons civil rights violation.

You rock! Not only because of what you did, but because, thanks to you, I’m no longer the owner of the unpronouncablest screen name on the boards! :smiley:

Thank you gtzaskar00

… plus big bonus points for the multiply redundant thread title.

I honestly feel ridiculous defending the “irony” of my sig line and my actions. Last time I checked “free speech” did not include assault, verbal or physical. I knew in my heart that if I did nothing at that point, it would have quickly escalated.
I was, of course, defending a freedom. A freedom to take your damn kids to the store, buy food, and go back home without having some assholes berate and assault you. Somehow I doubt Voltaire, the founding fathers, or anyome else praising freedom of speech had this situation in mind.
I was willing to defend, to the death (who knows what those kids could have had in their car) that woman’s right to be where she was, wear what she wants, and do so without threats.

Well done. I think you even showed great tolerance, because I would have kicked the crap out of those little racist shits. You’re a better person than I.

Believe me, the thought of a big ass whooping was the first that went through my head, but I could tell they were under 18, or at least close to it, and the last thing I need to is to get arrested for beating the crap out of a few kids. If they would have been old enough, they probably would have been bloodied.

It’s a well established precedent that the Right to Free Speech does not extend to verbal assault or soda-throwing. I’m not even a lawyer and I know that.

You should’ve gotten the license plate number and called the cops. Of course, if the “little darlings” had gotten out of the car and were getting ready to slug the innocent victims or trash the car, then a more escalated response could’ve been called for.