Why the hell am I being ignored? Been here since 2017!

Nobody but a bot answered my thread

Pfff, you’ve got 4 - count them - 4 posts, mate.

Buy a membership, post in The Marketplace with an offer to pay for the professional level translation you’re trying to get for free.

Maybe nobody wants to do your translation work for you.

Me? Paying? I’m gonna go for random forums on the net, not pay for a potential scam.

I read your thread. I doubt there are very many Arabic speakers who want to do that at their leisure. Sorry.

Nice projection. You’d probably refuse to pay or bounce the check anyways.

Despite the custom title he chose, engineer comp geek is not a bot. He is a moderator, which is how he got the authority (and tools) to move your thread out of the ATMB sub-forum.

As for why you haven’t gotten a response yet, it likely has more to do with the fact that your request is kinda esoteric, and calls for somewhat specialized knowledge. You probably wouldn’t be any happier getting a dozen responses that amount to “Beats the heck out of me, fella.” I’m not saying that there’s nobody in the Doper community who CAN help you out, but you might have to wait a few days before one of them sees your thread. Were I in your position, I’d consider monitoring the main Cafe Society page for a few days, just to make sure it stays on the front page. The convention around here is that you’re allowed one free “bump” back to the top of the heap, in case you still need to get a useful answer. Best if you don’t use it while the thread is still visible to most folks.

Welcome to the Dope! :slight_smile:

alright thanks for the advice

Nevermind I might as well delete that thread, I’ll just stick to things that AREN’T translations and such. I’ll stick to debates and mundane stuff.

I have thoroughly embarrassed myself.

Most likely, too poor

You can’t delete threads. Moderators can, but they’re loath to delete them as long as some discussion can be gotten out of a thread. You could ask one to close it for you. That’s your best shot.

I should’ve learned all this back in 2017 :£

Trust me you’re not the first or only person who has thourougly embarrassed themselves around here. Really, trust me.:wink:

It’s kind of a requirement.

I can get behind that :smiley:

I have emailed my daughters boyfriend and shared your song. He’s Palestinian. Not sure if he will but I bet he can translate it. When he emails me back I’ll let you know.

My son in law is Jordanian, but he was born in Tennessee and only speaks English. Uncle Kaleb might be able to able to help, though.

Dispose of any soiled articles of clothing and take a good, hot shower.

So, is Mr Bus one of them entitled millenials I’ve heard about? Sure sounds like it.