Ikea Cannot Spell

This image is a picture of the warning label on my Ikea Antifoni floor lamp. Note the unusual spelling of “bulb”. For 70 bucks you think they could get it right.

It’s otherwise a very nice lamp. :slight_smile:

Are you sure it isn’t an underwater lamp?

::blub blub blub::


To be fair the mistake could be from the manufacturer’s area.

Reminds me of a cartoon in the British satirical mag “Private Eye” a while back, showing shoddy Swedish furniture with names like “Botcht,” “Osodit,” and “Splintaars.”

Reminds me of why I don’t buy British satirical mags…

It’s IKEA, all caps.

Anyway, I work there, so I feel justified in explaining. The lamp probably came from Sweden (most of our lamps, excepting the really cheap ones like NOT and LISTA, aren’t made in third world countries), but it was no doubt made in bulk, and the warning label was printed in 16 different languages. So you can guess that printing over a million labels for lamps in 16 different languages would leave some possibility of error.

We got in a shipment of 25 quilts with incorrect labels: instead of FJARTING, the label said FARTING. Pretty funny stuff right there. :slight_smile:

Come on, it’s IKEA!! They can do whatever the hell they want to!

Come on, Sara, you only care if they spell your name right on the paycheck…

IKEA is pronounced “EE-kee-ya” not “EYE-kee-ah”.

Or so says a Anniz.